That's Why Your Camera Settings Are Wrong

That’s Why Your Camera Settings Are Wrong

When we set out into the landscape to take some epic bangers, we should be full of hope and expectations for the kinds of images we will get and the methods we will use to take them.

Over time, knowing what settings to use for each scenario can become second nature; however, most people struggle with reaching that point.

When you are about to press the shutter, a great set of questions to ask yourself is coming in from Mark Denney to make sure you have the best chance of getting the shot.

Mark gives us a very practical explanation of how each camera setting interacts, and he also provides some fantastic examples of what his method has produced in terms of his own photography.

It will help you set yourself up for a better chance of success for your adventure and will also help you when you are out in the field and act as either a great reminder for the more experienced photographers or act as crucial insights into what needs to be dialed in to bag your next banger(s).

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