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Samy’s Camera Review 2022: Good Photography Services?

The most up-to-date and exciting selection of photo, video, and electronics equipment available, as well as first-rate customer service, are what Samy’s Camera has been providing to professional and amateur photographers for over 35 years.

The entire staff in Samy’s Camera not only wants to help you with your photography issues, but they also make you feel like a member of the group.

Without further ado, let’s begin the Samy’s Camera review to aid in your comprehension.

Samy’s Camera Introduction

Samy’s Camera, as its name suggests, has a wide selection of cameras, including DSLRs, vintage film cameras, and everything in between.

Samy’s Camera is renowned for having a stunning, peculiar collection of cult classic cameras, such as the medium-format Holga 120N, as well as not shying away from items you could purchase as a Christmas present for your teenage daughter (Fujifilm Instax Mini, anyone?).

Samy’s Camera effectively controls the market by offering the broadest selection of cameras for the broadest cross-section of customers.

You can find top-of-the-line DSLRs and mirrorless cameras if you’re a professional photographer, but you can also find silly one-use cameras for your company’s White Elephant.

On Samy’s Camera Explore page, for instance, this $10 Ilford single-use is right next to this $4,700 Leica M-A Rangefinder.

I haven’t seen this practical approach to photography lately, as the field is leaning more toward pretense.

Additionally, Samy’s Camera carries cutting-edge equipment in addition to cutting-edge cameras. Samy’s is the place to go if you want to buy drones, security cameras, studio lighting, or photography books.

In other words, Samy’s stocks whatever equipment you might need for your photography business. It’s just one of the many factors that make my Samy’s Camera review so positive.

Pros And Cons Of Samy’s Camera


  • There were good coworkers at Samy’s Camera.
  • The prices are great.
  • Good flexibility details
  • Good warranty protection
  • Everything comes packaged very safely。
  • You get discounts on some goods and rentals, and if you work full-time, you get medical coverage.


  • Upper management is distant and slow to respond.
  • No reviews or raises.
  • Management is the only upward position, and older businessmen predominate in it.

Samy’s Camera Used Cameras

Samy made sure his website includes modern used cameras because he found that carrying every imaginable piece of new camera equipment wasn’t enough.

Due to the increase in the price of new cameras over the past ten years, the market for used cameras has exploded. Unfortunately, this has led to the emergence of numerous pretty subpar used camera shops all over the place.

One of the top camera shops in Los Angeles hasn’t always been Samy’s Camera. for decades taking anyone’s boring used equipment. You can see for yourself that Samy’s Camera only accepts the best by taking a quick look at the website’s used camera section.

There is even an incredibly rare Leica M9 Titanium Rangefinder 35mm there that I’m considering mortgaging my home for.

Don’t be put off, though, by some of the more expensive equipment, as Samy’s Camera can do everything.

Printing Lab Of Samy’s Camera

Samy’s Camera also has an on-site printing facility where you can have your passport photos processed, have old family portraits restored, and print them right from your iPhone.

Standard photo prints of all sizes are available for purchase, but you can also order prints of a professional caliber here.

And right now, Samy’s Camera is offering 35% off Christmas cards.

Classes Review Of Samy’s Camera

Samy’s Camera hosts all of its classes on a completely separate website called Samy’s Photo School. These classes cover everything from seasonal pursuits like learning how to photograph zoo lights to business classes that show you how to operate a side business in photography.

In Samy’s Camera classes, students learn how to better understand their own photographic equipment, how to express their creativity, and how to operate as a business professionals in the photography sector.

And, in contrast to many other photography schools, Samy’s Camera offers classes almost every day. Additionally, when you buy any camera, you can enroll in an introductory course for nothing.

You now have my own Samy’s Camera review, which is based on my many years of collaboration with Samy’s team.

Samy’s Camera Customer Review

The consumer rating for Samy’s Camera is 4.35 stars out of 55 reviews, which shows that most customers are generally happy with their purchases. Customer service is the Samy’s Camera feature that satisfied customers most frequently mentioned. Samy’s Camera is ranked 27th among camera websites.

  • “Samy’s photography blog regularly features excellent articles with advice on using cameras, where to take photos, how to edit them in Photoshop, and other topics. It’s a fantastic resource for amateur (and professional) photographers looking for free advice!”
  • “I always check with Samys before purchasing new Canon equipment online. In some cases, they can even undercut well-known online retailers when it comes to pricing.”
  • “The best customer service I’ve ever received from a camera store. There are no snobs here; everyone is friendly and willing to assist.”
  • “It was an easy and practical favor for me. I visited your website, and although you are awesome, your customer service is lacking.”
  • “Not at all advised, at least online shopping was a nightmare that was ultimately canceled just before I was supposed to receive it. lost me the opportunity to purchase the camera.”

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What is Samy’s Camera Return Policy?

If you are dissatisfied with a Used equipment purchase for any reason, you may return your merchandise to thirty days after the date of purchase, Samy’s.

What About Samy’s Camera Customer Service?

You can call 1-800-321-4726 or email to Samy.

Our Verdict

Samy’s is a well-known camera retailer on the west coast and in LA. Shipping is available worldwide. Samy’s Camera is a good option for you if you’re looking for a camera store to print your photos at.

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