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Night Owl Camera Reviews 2022 – Should You Buy It?

An essential component of home security systems is security cameras. To assist you in keeping an eye on your home’s interior and exterior, Night Owl offers security cameras and video surveillance systems. As long as you don’t mind a lot of cables, this system works well for multi-camera surveillance.

Night owl cameras aren’t the best on the market, but they’re good enough for most folks that want a multi-camera surveillance system.

We hope that this review of Night Owl security cameras will assist you in locating the ideal tools for your security requirements.

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Different Types Of Night Owl Security Cameras

Three categories can be used to categorize Night Owl products: wired systems, wireless systems, and individual video cameras. Customers have a variety of options to meet their video security needs because each offer has unique security features and specifications.

Wired Security Systems

DVR and NVR systems are the two types of wired security systems offered by Night Owl. Dual sensor technology, low cost, and backward compatibility with your current CCTV infrastructure are all advantages of DVR systems. DVR systems require multiple cables to be installed, despite being flexible and affordable.

Although easier to install and with improved image clarity, NVR systems are more expensive and incompatible with analog, AHD, or TVI cameras.

Each wired security camera system offers multiple security settings, round-the-clock recording, and remote viewing via the Night Owl mobile app.

Wireless Security Systems

Customers can choose a wireless security solution from Night Owl for a simpler setup with fewer cables. Customers can select either a full wireless kit or an expandable wireless kit, giving them the flexibility to expand their system as necessary. With the aid of the free Night Owl program, your wireless system transmits recorded video to your computer or mobile app.

Night Owl provides the following three wireless systems:

  1. WNVRC20-841: Four 1080p wireless infrared cameras and one terabyte of hard drive storage are included with this expandable eight-channel system. The cameras have a wireless range of up to 300 feet and are AC-powered, so they can be plugged into any wall outlet. You can see and hear everything nearby thanks to the cameras’ two-way audio and improved night vision.
  2. WG4-2I-16SD-B: Two indoor wireless AC-powered 1080p cameras are included in this four-channel system. Google Assistant is compatible with the system, and the Night Owl app can be used for free to monitor it remotely. The cameras have heat sensing technology and two-way audio.
  3. WG4-4OU-16SD-B: With four AC-powered 1080p cameras that each have night vision and a wide viewing angle for complete security coverage, this four-channel system comes with four cameras.

More Cameras

As a supplement to your current Night Owl video system or as a standalone smart security device, Night Owl offers additional cameras. Here are two standalone Night Owl camera options.

  • Smart doorbell—Using a doorbell camera with 1080p HD video and two-way audio, Night Owl can replace your current doorbell. Using voice-activated Google Assistant commands, you can view video from your smart doorbell directly on your TV and store it in an optional cloud storage space.
  • Panoramic camera—A significant portion of the monitored room is covered by the 180-degree vertical and horizontal field of view of this 1080p AC-powered wireless camera. Through the Night Owl app, you can use the camera’s two-way audio to converse with visitors or frighten away intruders.

Features Of Night Owl Camera

Here are some features you can expect from a Night Owl security camera or kit:

  • Facial Recognition: With facial capture and recognition technology, the majority of Night Owl’s wired cameras can recognize faces up to 10 feet away. You can give names to each face so your camera can tell the difference between a known face and a stranger by using the internal database found in the Night Owl app.
  • Built-In Motion-Activated Spotlights: A floodlight that responds to motion is built into some Night Owl cameras. The intense light deters burglars and makes it easier for you to move through your yard at night.
  • Compatible with Voice Assistants: You can now control your devices using voice commands thanks to Night Owl’s integration of Google Assistant with your video system and cameras. Using a Google Home device, for instance, you could stream live video from a camera to your Chromecast TV.
  • Weather Resistance: Due to their weather resistance, ability to withstand moisture, and durability, most Night Owl devices can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Technology L2 Color Boost®: The video shown by most night vision devices is in black and white. Your cameras can record in full color even in the middle of the night thanks to L2 Color Boost® Technology. In spite of only occasionally switching to the lower quality footage, cameras with this technology still have regular night vision capabilities.
  • Remote Viewing: With the free Night Owl app, Night Owl gives you immediate access to your footage and allows you to save both video and images for later playback. There are no monthly fees, and setup takes less than two minutes.
  • Dual sensor alerts that are real-time: Because it only records when motion and heat are detected, this technology helps you save storage space on your system. Your camera will start recording as soon as it is identified, and the Night Owl app will send you a push notification with more information about the alert.
  • Two-Way Talk: Many Night Owl devices have two-way talk features, which let you speak with visitors outside your home or check in on family members.
Night Owl Camera

Pros And Cons Of Night Owl Camera


  • 1 TB local video storage
  • Choice of Wired or Wireless Cameras
  • 1080p HD Video Resolution
  • Many customizable settings
  • Adjustable privacy-mask setting
  • Works with or without internet
  • Includes 4 weatherproof cameras
  • Easy software setup
  • Facial Recognition and Human Detection Features


  • Long installation with wires galore
  • App Is Buggy
  • Limited mobile app controls
  • No Wi-Fi connection
  • Loud cooling fan on DVR
  • Scarce product documentation
  • Requires external display

How Does Night Owl Camera Work?

You can access and manage a variety of video surveillance devices from Night Owl right from your phone. A professional installation is advised following the purchase of a device or video kit from Night Owl because each camera and system must be expertly wired.

Once installed, your system can be monitored directly from a computer or mobile device, allowing you to do everything from listening in on two-way audio to reviewing previously recorded video.

Five mobile apps for Night Owl are available and work with a variety of devices.

Video Quality And Cameras Of Night Owl

Video Quality

With DVRs like the one Night Owl uses, the topic of video quality can be complicated. Up to 1080p recording, resolutions are supported by the DVR. However, we suspect it also supports a number of wired add-on cameras with lower resolutions. (Although we didn’t test it, the majority of wired surveillance systems adhere to this rule.) The included cameras in our case had a maximum resolution of 1080p, which is now the industry standard for security cameras.

Even so, not all 1080p cameras are created equal. In dark spaces, the color of Night Owl in particular, wasn’t great, and in bright areas, it was only passable. The quality is inferior to wireless cameras like the Wyze Cam Outdoor and Ring Stick Up Cam because those are simpler to install.

The video appears clear and without discernible motion blur when viewed on a monitor that is connected to the DVR. Even so, tenants in apartments (like those in which we conducted our test) might notice a little motion blurring when a person walks directly in front of the camera.

Depending on your internet speed, you can anticipate a brief lag when viewing a Livestream on the mobile app. Nevertheless, the lag was less noticeable than with a wireless camera, such as the Arlo Pro 4, probably due to the absence of Wi-Fi on the sending end.


Our Night Owl system’s four cameras are weatherproof, allowing you to use them both inside and outside. Each camera has strong infrared LEDs that give it a 100-foot night vision range. Compared to most Wi-Fi security cameras, which typically illuminate about 25 feet, this type of night vision is more effective.

The cameras’ limited field of view (100&ordm), which limits what they can see, is something we don’t particularly like. This is narrower than the 130º average on most wireless cameras even though it is wider than you might see on other wired security cameras. But having multiple cameras does help to make up some of the difference.

The 60-foot video/power cable that each camera is equipped with is sufficient to reach the majority of rooms in a typical-sized house, provided that the DVR is placed in the middle of the house. It’s a good idea to secure the cables along the top of a wall, and you can buy a cable run or cord cover to conceal them if you don’t want to stress about hiding them (though it will be pricey if you do 60 feet for each camera). This shields the video/power cable, making it more difficult to tamper with.

Each camera also has an infrared motion sensor, which starts motion recording and sending out notifications.

Recording Options Of Night Owl Camera

We like the Night Owl DVR’s recording options because they can either help you capture everything or make the most of your recording time. Here are some of our favorite recording features, listed in no particular order.

Continuous Recording

Up to 1TB of video can be stored on the DVR’s enormous hard drive, which allows eight cameras to record continuously at 1080p resolution for more than a day. The kitchen, playroom, backyard, and other areas around the house can all be covered by eight cameras. The system should last a lot longer if you choose a lower resolution or fewer cameras.

Motion Recording And Motion Zones

Zones for motion on the Night Owl DVR.

Unless you want comprehensive footage, we advise avoiding continuous recording and switching to motion recording instead. Motion recordings also save you from having to sift through hours of useless video, which gets more tedious the more cameras you have.

Customer Service Of Night Owl Camera

In the box containing our Night Owl equipment, there was hardly any documentation. The quick setup guide is useful, but it doesn’t go into detail about what each DVR feature does in detail. More information is available on the Night Owl support website, but you must be very specific in your search terms unless you want to spend an eternity reading and watching videos.

Since the workings of this security system are similar to other wired surveillance systems from other brands, searching Google can be useful when setting up more complex settings on the DVR.

With the email and phone numbers on the back of the manual, you can get in touch with Night Owl directly. But the business advises trying the self-serve tools and live chat on the support page first.

Night Owl Warranty

The one-year limited warranty from Night Owl could be better. Key parts like flashlight bulbs, LEDs, and batteries are not covered; it only covers manufacturing flaws. It’s possible for Night Owl to do better in this area because there are enough companies offering multiyear warranties, and occasionally lifetime warranties. The good news is that extended warranties are available at places like Walmart and Costco. So, I advise researching those choices.

Customer Reviews On Night Owl Camera

  • “The higher quality plastic used in the cameras ensures that they won’t break while being mounted or deteriorate with time.”
  • “Night vision is very poor, but daytime clarity is fairly good. Some cameras’ recordings will occasionally stop, requiring you to unplug the power supply and replug it before the image and recording resume. To ensure that all cameras are recording, they must be checked frequently. Given that I have had bad luck with this Night Owl model, I would recommend a different brand.”
  • “My camera had lost its ability to see at night. This has been put in its place, and it is of higher quality than the previous one. And seamlessly ties into the same wiring as the one that was approved! Additionally, it is white and blends in with the white wall. Love this.”
  • “The day after I received it, I installed this. It was simple to install, minus the attic crawling through tight spaces. The app has worked flawlessly for me, and the software setup was simple. Accessing live and playback is simple for my wife and me. To make sure everything worked before installing, I connected each camera first. That is something I strongly advise.”
  • “Night vision is very poor, while daytime clarity is fairly good. Some cameras’ recording occasionally stops, and you have to reconnect the power connection in order to resume taking pictures and recording.”

Final Thoughts

Doorbell cameras and systems are available from Night Owl, along with indoor and outdoor cameras that can be controlled and viewed by customers. Although the business provides a variety of video surveillance equipment for homeowners, many clients have criticized their customer service.

Although they aren’t the best on the market, they are adequate for the majority of people who want a multi-camera surveillance system. Although the installation process is difficult, it is typical of wired camera systems.

According to customer feedback, we don’t believe you’ll benefit much from Night Owl’s technical support, but the system works just fine with a little perseverance.

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