Family Home Has More Security Cameras

Family Home Has More Security Cameras Than Mountjoy

How many security cameras are too many? Francis Guiney, a Waterford resident who has outfitted his three-bedroom family home with more surveillance equipment than the Big Brother house, claims that there is no answer to that question.

Guiney, 38, began his obsession with a straightforward Ring doorbell, which is regarded as a gateway drug into a lifestyle that leads to having a house that resembles a RUC outpost in South Armagh in the mid-80s.

Guiney installed cameras in his back yard, side alley, downstairs bathroom, and dozens of other places after being impressed with how he could use the doorbell to yell at kids fetching footballs out of his driveway from practically anywhere in the world (but mostly central Waterford).

“Solid Snake was unable to enter my fucking house!” beamed The WiFi-enabled sensor lights that decorate Mr. Guiney’s home make it glow like white phosphorescent whenever a cat walks by. He tests them out while proudly switching between cameras on his phone and using other cameras.

“I am completely at ease. Except for a small blind spot near the back wall. There’s a possibility that someone could scale the wall and remain motionless in a single, tiny corner of the garden. So I think I’ll buy a few more cameras to cover that off, then we’re sorted”.

If Mr. Guiney’s home is ever broken into, the detailed security footage will be useful to the garda because it will show them the intruders in a clear, multi-angled manner that they won’t even bother to look for.

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Source: Waterford Whispers News

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