Citizens Seeking to Acquire Security Cameras

Citizens Seeking to Acquire Security Cameras Urged to Contact JamaicaEye Personnel

Dr. Horace Chang, Minister of National Security, stated that it is essential to have high-quality recordings because cameras are now a necessary component of security systems for gathering information and monitoring events in areas that are frequently the targets of criminals.

“If you are installing cameras, discuss the specifications with our staff. You are getting a camera, buy one that can be used in evidence [as] not all cameras have the specs for good pictures,” the minister said while speaking with business persons in On June 22, Bog Walk in St. Catherine.

The Ministry of National Security launched JamaicaEye in March 2018 to increase the security and safety of Jamaican citizens. The national closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system enables authorized private individuals to freely share video from their cameras with local authorities. Call 876-906-4908-10 to contact JamaicaEye.

Dr Chang said the technological capacity of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is in expansion mode and that through “high-quality police work” several gang leaders and members of criminal networks are off the streets of The police are closely watching important criminal suspects in the parish, he claimed, according to St. Catherine.

“Officers put their lives in danger to obtain information while working hard to disrupt the major gangs. There are officers who dedicate their lives to find them and get them off the streets,” he emphasised.

In order to catch those trying to extort them, the minister pleaded with the businesspeople to assist the police.

According to the minister, with the help of the locals, crime and disorderly behavior in public places will decline, and more of those responsible for wrongdoing will be put behind bars.

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Source: jamaicaobserver

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