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This Thermal Camera is So Sensitive It Can See You Breathe

Over the years, I’ve written about quite a few thermal cameras, both standalone devices and those integrated into smartphones. They provide performance and sensitivity that are more than adequate for the typical user.

But sometimes you need something that goes beyond “more than adequate.”

The Xinfrared T2S Plus steps in to help in this situation.

The T2S Plus I’m testing is for Android smartphones, but there’s a separate version for iPhone that features a Lightning connector.

There is hardly ever any lag in the display, and the speed at which the image updates is equally impressive as is the quality of the image. Because of its buttery smoothness, troubleshooting is much faster and simpler.

Rotating the focus rig also enables you to approach objects up close—really close. Here’s a super-close macro shot of the camera array on my iPhone 14 Pro Max.

I like the Xinfrared T2S Plus a lot. The apps it connects to are well-made and have professional-grade features, and the camera has one of the fastest refresh rates I’ve seen on a thermal camera. It is quick and accurate. The quality of the output is excellent, and you can get up close and personal with things with ease, which makes diagnosing dead components much simpler.

This does cost $339, which is a pretty penny. Although it is not prohibitively expensive compared to other decent thermal cameras, its price puts it firmly in the professional range.

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Source: zdnet

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