What to Wear for a Passport Photo

What to Wear for a Passport Photo

A passport photo is a specially designated photo used to identify you and all your travel. It is permanently stamped on your passport and is extremely important if you are a frequent traveler. However, there are rules about what you can wear for a passport photo. Read on to learn what to wear for a passport photo.

Does It Matter What You Wear In A Passport Photo?

When you enter a new country, the passport photo is the only thing customs officers need to see if you are the person whose passport and visa belong. Your identity document in your home country will not work anywhere else in the world. Only a passport is considered a valid international identity document. If your photo in this passport is not up to standard, you can be legally deported from the airport back to the country you came from!

So, for sure, you have to make sure you have the right clothes and accessories on your passport photo to avoid any misunderstandings with the airport authorities and have a hassle-free travel experience. You should also be careful not to wear certain accessories and other items that may cause you problems.

What to Wear for a Passport Photo

What to Wear for a Passport Photo

Clothes are the most important thing to note in a passport photo. Essentially, your entire body won’t appear in the photo, but only your face and part of your neck may be visible. Your ears and entire jaw must be clearly visible.

While more casual loungewear is not prohibited, it would be embarrassing for a foreign employer to take a copy of your passport along with your photo in attire unsuitable for office documents. Therefore, more formal attire would be ideal for you. Also, passport photos are taken against a white or off-white background, so it’s best to wear dark clothing so your clothes don’t mix with the background.

You can also wear jewelry if your face is not covered by the final image. Small earrings, studs, and necklaces that are not harsh are acceptable. Just make sure your jewelry isn’t too big, distracting, or covering any part of your face in the photo.

Any “headgear” is unacceptable. You can only tie the hair together with bobby pins or something similar. Any hairstyle is allowed, but it is recommended that you do not cover your ears or any part of your face.

Makeup is also light and simple, as your face cannot be covered at all. Excessive makeup can be seen as a red flag and could lead to your application being rejected. To have a clean face, very little touch-up is enough. Never remove any moles on your face, either digitally or with makeup. This will lead to future identity issues.

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What Not To Wear In Your Passport Photo

While the rules about what you should wear are pretty lax, and you can wear pretty much anything you want, there are certain items that you are absolutely not allowed to wear on your head. These items include:

1. Gasses

This is to allow the authorities to see your eyes clearly when needed. Nothing is allowed to cover your face, including essential gear like this. If you must, you can take pictures with clear contact lenses. Do not use lenses that change eye color, as this can cause problems later on. In most cases, simply taking off the glasses to take a photo is enough.

2. Hat or scarf

These items will cover the top of your head and are not allowed. Your face must be clearly visible. Hats are considered an aesthetic rather than an identity, and most hats just cover your face and obscure your identity. Therefore, always ask to take off your hat when taking pictures. However, there are certain exceptions to this rule.

3. Facial jewelry or headphones

Such items are distracting, generally not allowed for passport photos, and will be rejected immediately. Earplugs cover the ears and are therefore not allowed. Generally, small earrings such as studs are allowed. Necklaces that cause glare from camera lighting are strictly prohibited under any circumstances. Ordinary and simple jewelry will do, though.

Baby Passport Photo Requirements

Babies are one of the hardest subjects to capture in passport photos. However, there are two easy ways to take an avatar. First, place your baby on a flat white sheet and photograph him or her from above. While doing this, make sure not to cast any shadows on your baby’s face.

Another great way to photograph babies is to put a white sheet on the car seat and then put your child in their car seat (uncovered). Make sure the sheets and car seats don’t cover your baby’s ears or face in any way. Also, you need to do this when your baby is awake and his eyes are open. When in doubt, go to your local AAA or passport agency. They will make sure your photo will be accepted.

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Final Thoughts

A passport photo is as important as any information you provide when you apply for a passport. This is the first thing a person observes and verifies you before your name. Therefore, you must take your passport photo in all the right ways to avoid confusion while waiting for approval, or even when using your passport. If you don’t follow the code, your application will definitely be rejected and cause further problems in the future. So knowing what to wear on your passport photo will go a long way in your future.

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