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How To Find A Music Video By Describing It? Tips For You

You can’t remember the name of a song that keeps playing in your head or a really cool scene from a music video. When a typical person is exposed to so many songs and music videos, it is almost impossible to remember everything. How to find a music video by describing it?

Recording everything you can remember about the song or video should be your first priority. You should jot down or record any lyrics, melodies, or details from the video that come to mind. These specifics can be easily forgotten, so you don’t want to have something on the tip of your tongue only to forget it as you conduct your search. 

Here are a few simple tips to help you find the music video. Let’s start!

Tips To Find A Music Video?

Determine What You Know First

Make a list of every detail you can recall about the music video you’re looking for. Who is the artist’s name? Do you recall any lyrics from the song’s chorus or verse? What kind of music video is it, do you know? How recent was the music video’s debut? In the music video, who is the performer?

Knowing any of these details will help you focus your search and increase your chances of discovering the music video online.

Try Some Simple Searches

On international search engines like Google, enter a sentence or a few words from the lyrics and click the search button. You’ll see the most pertinent results from Google if the lyrics are accurate. Possible outcomes number in the millions. Read the first two pages carefully. If you don’t see anything, try not to be upset. After that, you must focus on focusing your search.

Utilize Keyword Search

You can focus your search results by using keywords. Your search engine’s keyword field should be expanded. Keywords like “80s rock song,” “2000s Electric Dance Music,” “Damien Rice’s Romantic Song,” “classical music,” “latest rap music,” and even “top sad rock songs” and “top sad rap songs” are examples. Searching with the addition of music genre and release year can produce more relevant results.

Search On Youtube

A music video can also be quickly found on YouTube. We don’t advise simply clicking ‘YouTube search in the search bar.”

You may not know this, but you can simplify and focus your YouTube searches to ensure that advanced search operators return accurate results.

The operators provide information about the upload’s date, sort, length, and functions. Add quotation marks (“) to the beginning and end of the keyword if you want to see the exact terms for the search results.

You can also click the “Filter” button to further refine your search results for even more precise outcomes.” Simply type the keyword into the search bar and click the Filter button. You can now use the filters to find your desired results.

Long-lost YouTube videos could easily be found by using filters like “Features” and “Length”

Use Google Search

Applying filters to Google Search allows you to be more specific, just like on YouTube.  Find the results you want more quickly with the help of advanced Google Search.

You can enter words, choose regions, the most recent update time, an exact keyphrase, and crucial numbers when using an advanced Google search. More accurate information is provided as a result.

Song Identifier App Can Be Used

Applications called Song Identifiers are created to assist users in locating their favorite songs and music videos.

Contrary to many other search engines and applications, song identifier apps like Shazam let you hum into the microphone to find your favorite song. Shazam makes use of an audio fingerprint based on the spectrogram, a time-frequency graph. Wait for the results to appear based on the spectrogram while you open the app’s microphone and hum for at least 10-15 seconds. If the app detects a match between the melody you are humming and the lyrics you are singing, it will suggest the song’s title, artist, and album.  

You can use Google Assistant in the same way to find your song. Just ask Google, “Hey Google, what is this song?” and hum the song. You will see the page you’re looking for if the search engine recognizes your voice.

Once you know the song, finding the music video only requires one search.

Look Up The Artist’s Discography

Sometimes, though, we can’t recall the song but the artist. Find the song in this case by searching the artist’s discography. Check out the artist’s playlist on popular music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Search for each actor or actress by name to look at their individual career profiles if you can recall who appeared in the music video. You might find your ideal music video thanks to this research.

Search On A Song Naming Community

Ask people in song-naming communities on Facebook, Reddit, and specialized pages like Wat Zat Song about the music video. Ask them by giving them the most detailed and precise description of the music video you can. If the community members are unable to identify your music video, they may help you find your song using more sophisticated programs.

Final Step

Try this strategy if the ones mentioned above don’t work. In our social interactions, music plays a role. Our family, friends, and other loved ones have shared many songs with us. Educate them about the music video by sharing it with them.

The methods for finding a music video by describing it are complete at this point. Any music video can be located by describing it and using those straightforward methods.

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Not being able to find songs from the past that have been forgotten is frustrating. Sometimes you can’t remember the song’s name and you have to haplessly search online for it.

Try using the major search engines, try listening to an app, or look to a community to benefit from the knowledge of others. You’ll ultimately locate it if this music video exists!

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