How to Customize Your Sony Camera

How to Customize Your Sony Camera to Fit Your Work?

Cameras today are more sophisticated and adaptable than ever before, enabling users to adjust buttons and settings until everything is organized according to the individual workflow of the photographer. In this video, watch how to change settings to how you work.

Years ago, whenever I bought a new camera, I would set every button and dial to their default positions. After back-button focus completely changed the way I shoot and how I use my camera, I started to wonder what else I could do to get better.

This led me down a rabbit hole where I made my own custom functions, assigned new buttons, and changed the functions of existing ones. In fact, I used to make so many that I would quickly forget what I had done and proceed to manually complete a single button’s task.

But now that I’ve developed a large number of custom features, it’s critical to my shooting productivity. The issue with many videos showing you how to “setup your camera” is that the photographer showing you is actually setting up their camera to their tastes. The video by Omar Gonzalez is a more advanced version of those videos because it teaches you your options rather than giving you a set course of action. Take your Sony body, then start customizing!

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