iOS 17: What's New With the Camera and Photos Apps

iOS 17: What’s New With the Camera and Photos Apps

Apple updated the Photos and Camera apps for iOS 17 with a number of new features that improve user experience. More than ever, Visual Look Up can identify a variety of mysterious symbols you encounter every day. Additionally, the “Photos” app can identify your pets and add them to their own album.

This guide highlights every new feature added to the Photos and Camera apps in iOS 17.

Pet Recognition

The “Photos” app not only recognizes people but also distinguishes between different animals, allowing you to have your pets’ photos automatically arranged into albums. Accordingly, the People album has been renamed the “People & Pets” album.

Cats and dogs can be recognized by the pet recognition feature, and according to Apple, the ability to recognize people has also improved.

Visual Look Up

Apple made some significant updates to Visual Look Up. To recap, the feature known as Visual Look Up allows you to access more details about a photo’s subject by tapping the information button in the Photos app.

The iPhone can recognize what’s in food photos and display recipes that it has found online. Today, a wide variety of symbols, including those used on clothing tags, dashboard icons, and street signs, can all be recognized. The “iPhone” can tell you what each of these symbols means if you take a picture of it and then tap “info.”

One-Tap Crop

When you zoom into an image in the ‌Photos‌ app, you can tap on the “Crop” button in the upper right corner to crop into the zoom without having to open up the photo editing interface.

Photos Interface Changes

The Cancel and Done buttons have been moved to the top of the display in the photo editing interface, and each tool icon has a text description describing what it does.

Camera Leveling

In iOS 17, a new level option adds a horizontal line to the Camera app so you can check that landscape shots are lined up and level before taking a picture.

QR Code Updates

Even though iOS 11 made it possible for the iPhone’s Camera app to read QR codes, iOS 17 makes some long-overdue improvements to the interface. The link for a QR code now appears at the bottom of the screen rather than in the middle, making it simpler to tap.

Cinematic Mode

Third-party apps can now incorporate Cinematic mode video playback and editing thanks to Apple’s addition of a Cinematic API.

Screenshot Updates

The Save to Photos option is available when taking a screenshot in iOS 17, and it allows you to save the entire page as an image. The capability to take a screenshot of an entire page in the past would only allow for PDF saving.

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