Is Your Doorbell Camera Vulnerable to Jamming Or Interference

Is Your Doorbell Camera Vulnerable to Jamming Or Interference?

Does your front door have a doorbell camera? The likelihood is that the response is in the affirmative. Doorbell cameras are now essential household items in a world that is embracing smart technology more and more.

These clever little devices, though, are oddly absent in action in the shared driveways of Palmdale, California, and elsewhere.

Consider Maureen, who complained to us that the Ring doorbell camera on her gated driveway routinely failed to record her neighbors or their visitors.

The camera is perfectly positioned and powered, but it doesn’t seem to pick up the reason why they keep running into their wall. The possibility of the Ring camera being a target of a jamming device then arises.

Decoding the Unseen

It turns out that your Ring doorbell camera’s functionality may be affected by jamming devices.

These devices function by sending out radio frequency signals that interfere with or disrupt the communication between your camera and its receiver, temporarily rendering it inoperable. But how do you know if a device like that is being used?

How to Detect Jamming Attacks on Security Cameras Using Noise Levels

Possible interference can be indicated by the amount of noise in the immediate area where the security cameras are installed. It is measured in dBm (decibel-milliwatts), where a lower number denotes less noise interference and a higher dBm value denotes more noise interference.

Homeowners like Maureen could find out if there is any unusual activity or fluctuation in the noise level around her camera that could signify jamming by using a decibel meter like this one.

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Source: foxnews

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