New Blink Outdoor 4 Security Camera

New Blink Outdoor 4 Security Camera Sees More, But Stubbornly Sticks With Disposable Batteries

Despite a slightly updated appearance, the new 4th generation of Blink Outdoor is maintaining the company’s reputation for producing inexpensive battery-powered security cameras that come with disposable batteries.

The camera lens is now located in the top left corner of the facia of the Blink Outdoor 4, as opposed to being in the center as it was in earlier models.

Although core features like 1080P live view and infrared night vision are carried over from the predecessor, the microphone and sensors are also a little more discrete on the refined fascia.

The molding’s size and shape are largely the same, presumably to maintain compatibility with the various external floodlight housings that are available for the Blink Outdoor camera.

The shape is also the perfect size to hold a pair of lithium AA batteries, which, although they are disposable, do offer (according to Blink/Amazon), up to two years of operation, making the camera much easier to install on your home and out of the way than one that would need to be charged on a regular basis.

Blink promises a 143-degree field of view, a significant increase from the 110-degree field of view on the camera’s predecessor, as well as improvements to motion detection and the option of person detection (though only if you’re using a Blink Subscription Plan).

However, subscriptions are not as necessary as they are for other smart home cameras because the camera can record wirelessly to a USB memory stick in your home if purchased with the Sync Module 2 (which is included). However, you will have to supply the flash drive (Amazon has plenty in stock!)

For an additional $7.99 (approximately £6.30 or AU$12.44), Blink has also created a batch of colored silicone skins (see on Amazon) for the new camera, allowing you to give it a little more personality than the black or white options we’ve previously seen.

The camera itself is currently on sale in the USA for $119.99, with prices for additional markets to be determined. Plans for the Blink Cloud Subscription start at $3 per month or $30 annually.

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Source: digitalcameraworld

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