Peabody Chiropractor Accused of Hiding Camera in Restroom

Peabody Chiropractor Accused of Hiding Camera in Restroom

After a client discovered a hidden camera in a bathroom, a Massachusetts chiropractor is now being charged criminally.

A 44-year-old man from Midddleton named Scott Kline is accused of hiding the camera in the Back on Track clinic’s public restroom in Peabody.

According to the office of Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan, Kline was charged on Tuesday in Peabody District Court with photographing an unknowing subject while they were nude.

A patient reported seeing a black plastic coat hook hanging on the wall next to the toilet tank when he called the Peabody Police Department on Friday.

“Upon further inspection the patient observed a blue light on the side of the hanger and discovered that it appeared to be a hidden spy camera complete with a lens on the front, USB port, on/off switch and an SD memory card,” the district attorney’s office said in a statement.

The person who reported the camera showed police pictures that were captured on his cellphone.

Prosecutors claim the camera was no longer in the bathroom when a search warrant was carried out at Back on Track, but police discovered hard drives and SD cards along with other items that indicated it had once been there.

The conditions of Kline’s $10,000 bail were that he remain away from and have no contact with the person who reported the camera to police, as per the judge’s order.

Kline will be back in court in August. 29 for a pretrial conference. It was unclear right away if he had a lawyer who could defend him against the accusations.

Patients and others are urged to contact the Peabody Police Department at 978-538-6300 or 978-531-1212 if they have any additional information or think they may have been a victim in this case.

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