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The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is Getting a Giant Touchscreen, TikTok, and a Selfie Camera

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the 2024 E-Class’ interior, and while its cabin is not a radical departure in design from existing Benzes, the new E-Class is packed full of interesting and advanced features that will influence the rest of the lineup — like a selfie camera and built-in apps for TikTok and Zoom.

The Superscreen, which combines the spacious standard central touchscreen with a second display in front of the passenger, is one of the major upgrades in the 2024 E-Class. (The digital gauge cluster continues to be a standalone display, in contrast to the Hyperscreen on the EQS.) It has a row of touch-capacitive buttons below the center display and thin air vents that curve around the top of the screen, giving it a lovely appearance.

Mercedes-Benz’s high-end models like the S-Class and EQS typically showcase the brand’s most cutting-edge technology. The relatively modest E-Class, however, is arguably even more significant as the brand’s best-selling model lineup, and the next generation will be available later this year.

A large center console, floating armrests on the door panels, and a ton of ambient lighting, including one long strip that surrounds the entire dash, characterize the remainder of the cabin, which is largely consistent with other new Mercedes models. There are new leather color and wood trim options, like open-pore wood with a backlit Mercedes star pattern, and even base models have higher-quality surfaces.

A single processor-powered central computer, as opposed to earlier models that used multiple processors for various tasks, powers the Superscreen and its MBUX infotainment system. The faster data streams and more sophisticated updates are made possible, according to Mercedes, by its new software-focused architecture. A 5G connection and other connected services are added by the available Entertainment Plus package. Users can now more easily customize the display’s features, and the icon and menu designs have been simplified to resemble smartphone tiles.

The 2024 E-Class will feature Dolby Atmos technology, a 17-speaker Burmester 4D surround sound system, and sound transducers in the front seats as standard equipment. It will also support spatial audio through Apple Music and feature Dolby Atmos technology. The Sound Visualization function of the optional active ambient lighting, which Mercedes developed internally, enhances the audio experience even more. With no lag, the software analyzes bass, mid-tones, and treble while the interior light strips pulse and change to the beat of whatever music you’re listening to.

In the future, when Mercedes’ Level 3 Drive Pilot system is engaged, streaming video content may be permitted on the center screen, depending on the rules. Streaming video content is currently available on the passenger screen. Third-party apps that don’t require smartphone mirroring through Apple CarPlay or Android Auto will be accessible at launch on the new E-Class. A selfie and video camera is mounted either on top of the dashboard or in the gauge display, depending on the car’s equipment, and the E-Class will support TikTok, Webex by Cisco, Zoom video conferencing, and the Vivaldi web browser. Also part of the E-Class’ tech suite at launch is the Zync portal, which includes over 30 different streaming services encompassing live sports, news, gaming and other content.

New cars are increasingly using touchscreens, which have been shown to be more distracting than conventional buttons. According to a recent Swedish study, drivers of modern vehicles required up to four times longer than those in a 17-year-old Volvo to complete routine tasks.

To ensure that the passenger’s screen won’t cause the E-Class driver to become distracted, Mercedes has put in place a number of safety measures. The touch function of the screen is only activated if the sensors in the passenger seat detect an occupant; otherwise, it acts as a screensaver. Dual light control technology acts as a “visual shield,” making the passenger screen invisible to the driver, depending on what sort of content is being shown. By monitoring the frequency and duration of the driver’s glances over to the passenger screen, the selfie camera records the driver’s eye movements. The passenger screen can be automatically dimmed in the car to reduce driver distraction while maintaining visibility for the passenger.

An improved AI assistant contributes to reducing distractions brought on by the large screens and intricate features. The MBUX software no longer requires you to say “Hey Mercedes” before issuing any voice commands — instead, a new “Just Talk” feature is indicated by a red microphone symbol on the display, allowing drivers to more easily give commands for things like navigation and climate control. Multiple commands can now be linked together by saying “and.” Owners can program new behaviors into the car, such as lowering the driver’s window when you get to work at the same time every day or automatically activating seat heating if the interior temperature drops below 50 degrees.

The E-Class will have a number of set templates as well, like one for “date night” that plays romantic music and turns the lighting pink, and in the future, the As the E-Class learns your habits, it will be able to use AI to generate its own routines for routine tasks.

Mercedes plans to transition to all-electric vehicles by 2030, so the new E-Class will be among its final gas-powered models. It’ll ride on a modified version of the platform used by the C-Class and S-Class, with a lineup of hybridized four- and six-cylinder engines and potentially a fully electric variant. The E-Class coupe and cabriolet will be replaced by a new two-door model, most likely to be called CLE, and while the wagon will continue to be produced. In just a few months, the 2024 E-Class should be fully revealed.

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