Philips Hue to Expand into Security Cameras for Better Home Monitoring

Philips Hue to Expand into Security Cameras for Better Home Monitoring

According to reports, owners of the Philips Hue line of smart lights can look forward to adding more equipment to their homes, but it won’t look anything like the current products the company offers.

The upcoming Philips Hue product will reportedly be some sort of smart security camera, rather than a new LED light strip or fancy bulb. And it seems possible that we will see more at the upcoming IFA convention in Berlin early next month.

Although Philips Hue hasn’t yet made the news official, the CEO of Philips Hue’s parent company Signify has already leaked the information.

Eric Rondolat has reportedly begun to share information about his upcoming entry into the security camera market, according to the people at HueBlog. He reportedly said that “the idea here is also to use security for lighting and lighting for security,” adding that there are already plans to integrate the camera with lighting solutions. “How does that interest you? because sound alarms are kept inside the house and therefore cannot be heard from a distance. The CEO adds that despite this, people can see the light from a great distance. It makes sense to assume that the cameras will work seamlessly with other Hue products, such as its vast selection of smart lights and bulbs.

Additionally, Rondolat’s revelations weren’t complete. He went on to say that the company’s new cameras “will be the first with end-to-end encryption.” Whether there will be integration with existing systems that provide that kind of thing, such as Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video, is still up in the air. Regardless, those who just want to keep things simple will undoubtedly use the Hue app as their operational hub.

Of course, Signify already has a presence in the security camera market thanks to the Wiz home monitoring products offered by Hue’s sister brand. Will the Hue cameras be rebranded models of Wiz products already on the market? Although it seems unlikely, we wouldn’t want to rule out some sort of cross-pollination from occurring there either.

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Source: pocket-lint

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