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Why I Replaced My Camera With An iPhone 14 Pro

I’ve been outspoken about how phones will never be able to take the place of cameras for serious work. But as photographers, we also enjoy casually taking pictures of objects that just have a pleasing appearance. After searching for a camera for this type of work for the past two years, I finally found one. iPhone 14 Pro is the unassuming star.

I put a lot of thought into the pictures I produce as a fashion and beauty photographer. My reliable DSLR fleet and bodies I rent for specific jobs are among the cameras that can do that. However, photography is a 24/7 profession; it does not operate from 9 to 5. I need a camera that I can carry with me wherever I go because I constantly take photos. The new iPhone 14 Pro might have that camera. Small size, good memory, raw, and a lot more are all features I was looking for in a camera to use every day for casual photography. Because my camera doubles as a reliable phone that I use for everything from making calls to signing contracts, it has the added benefit of always being with me.

Conventional cameras have more advantages than disadvantages, but not by much. The biggest one is that traditional cameras take up some room in a bag and are occasionally difficult to transport. This is especially valid when traveling. I used to bring my 5D on trips for both work and pleasure, and at one point I even went on a three-day hike with a 5D and three lenses. Even though it was an adventure, taking pictures of it was not really necessary. The trip was supposed to be a challenge for my physique. That was difficult to do when carrying a complete photography setup for casual photography. It actually made it much more difficult. When the time came to take the camera out, I was too worn out to even consider it because I could not stand carrying this much equipment in my bag. Just picture how one would feel after a day of hiking while using both hiking and photography equipment. The group I was with had no other photographers, so I wasn’t by myself. It was awkward to ask ten people to stop so I could take my time taking just one picture. For me, casual photography is not about this. Causal photography should be simple.

At some point, I stopped using the camera unless I was working on a professional or personal project. Maybe that indicates burnout, but I didn’t feel that way. Although I had the desire to take pictures, I was unable to do so easily. Why is that an issue? Let me explain.

I tried going to a better gym where my workout partner went because I like working out there. My office and apartment were far from that gym. That developed a problem following the initial rush. I started to slip out of the habit and skipped more and more days. Despite having all the necessary components, I had to take on too many tasks. Humans are inherently lazy, so by making doing good things take more effort, I was able to make doing bad things require fewer steps. It required too much work, in other words.

Well done if you are incredibly disciplined and these rules don’t apply to you, but for the majority of us, the simpler it is to form a good habit, the better. Casual photography is a good habit, but I won’t participate if it requires bringing a lot of equipment. I’ll give a bigger estimate even if the production is on location. You can only imagine how badly I want a 5D Mark IV with a 24-70mm out for casual photography. Due to this, I decided to switch to an iPhone 14 Pro from my Canon 5D Mark IV and 24-70mm lens.

The camera on the iPhone 14 Pro is excellent. However, I had no intention of purchasing this phone. Although the purchase was somewhat unexpected, it was a wise one. Since this has already been done and everyone is familiar with the specifications, I won’t review the phone in detail. I want to discuss how simple it is to use this for casual photography. I always have my camera on me, it’s charged, and I can instantly share the photos. This rig is ideal for casual photography. Also very beneficial, especially for someone used to shooting everything in high resolution, is the fact that it captures images in raw at 48 megapixels. When cropping rather than when I take the photo itself, I believe I compose more.

I use my phone to take all different kinds of pictures, including street photography, candid shots from behind the scenes, and landscape photography. I even attempted to take fashion photos with the iPhone and Profoto flashes. In fact, there are some photographers who only use iPhones and Profoto flashes, like Russell Preston Brown. His work is impressive and worth looking into because of the results he produces. My personal experience with the Profoto Camera App has been more for casual photography, which is typically done with a disposable camera, a Gen Z mainstay. Party photos, portraits, and even headshots were all captured using the C1 Plus flash in conjunction with an iPhone 12 or a 14 Pro.

Closing Thoughts

So, for casual photography, I switched from my DSLR to an iPhone. I simply purchased a better phone that will work nearly as well as spending money on a film camera or a Leica. Just for fun, this photography. It’s not serious or professional. The goal is to capture a cool-looking object on camera. Actually, a separate camera is not necessary for that. In addition, how often have you missed an opportunity to take a photo because your camera was somewhere else? Just be confident the next time you use your phone.

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