RTD Installs New Security Cameras

RTD Installs New Security Cameras at Table Mesa Park-N-Ride Garage in Boulder

BOULDER, Colorado — The Regional Transportation District has installed security cameras to monitor vehicles parked in a Boulder Park-N-Ride garage, a notorious hotspot for catalytic converter theft.

This comes more than nine months after Denver7 Investigates first brought attention to the thefts at this and other RTD properties in both Denver and Boulder. In 2021–2022, 88 catalytic converter thefts were reported at the Table Mesa Park–N–Ride, where new cameras were just put in in December.

The Park-N-Ride did have some security cameras, but it was discovered during Denver7 Investigates’ initial reporting that they were pointed at stairwells and elevators rather than parking areas.

Bill Enyart said he is pleased with the change after having his catalytic converter stolen at the Table Mesa Park-N-Ride in February 2022.

“It gives them a shot at catching the bad guys,” he said. “It’s great.”

Shortly after his catalytic converter was taken, Enyart contacted Denver7 Investigates last year. On the Nextdoor website, he had seen a lot of reports of similar incidents.

Joel Fitzgerald, the newly appointed RTD Police Chief, said he inherited the problem and that prior reports had made clear the need for change at the Table Mesa Park-N-Ride.

More than 20 cameras that are now being watched in a control room are used to keep an eye on the cars on every floor, and an additional camera is watching all license plates as cars leave the garage. The presence of cameras is also announced by new signs to would-be thieves.

“It’s incumbent upon us to listen, to take the feedback, whether we get it from (the media) or we get it directly from the customer and try to do the best things we can to mitigate the possibility that someone would be the victim of crime,” Fitzgerald said.

Additionally, RTD has increased security patrols at the Table Mesa Park-N-Ride, including checking vehicles for potential threats. Officers leave a “vehicle report card” on windshields. Fitzgerald said there has only been one reported theft of a catalytic converter since the new cameras were installed in December.

“It will certainly help, in my opinion. I think nowadays those changes are significant,” Of the modifications, Enyart said. “I want to thank RTD for their efforts and express my happiness for them. It’s wonderful, in my opinion. The steps taken, in my opinion, will undoubtedly contribute to making this parking garage a safer place for people.”

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Source: DENVER 7

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