Police Body Camera Footage

AI to Scan Police Body Camera Footage to Detect “Bad Behavior”

In order to identify officers who are acting inappropriately, some police departments are testing body cameras that are scanned by AI.

n the wake of Following the passing of Tyre Nichols last month, some police departments are testing Truleo’s artificial intelligence (AI) system, which according to founder and CEO Anthony Tassone could have informed Memphis police of the actions of the officers involved in Nichols’ murder.

After installing Truleo’s system there, the Alameda police in California report a decrease in the use of force.

How Does the AI Camera Catch Bad Police Behavior?

Actually, the technology is derived from the audio captured by the camera, particularly the language used by law enforcement and the general public. Force use, civil complaints, and non-compliance can all be picked up on by it. It can also pick up on slurs, threats, and vulgar language from both officers and civilians.

“No cadence or tone volume measurements are made. We don’t engage in any of that. Because a disrespectful officer can be loud, they can be quiet,” Truleo CEO Tassone tells ABC 11. “Because of this, we took great care to only use their language.”

Tyre Nichols’ case illustrates how Truleo’s technology was still in operation even though the camera footage went dark but the audio was still being recorded.

“Remember, even though they covered their body cameras or, in some cases, fell off, you could still hear everything. The audio was there. Truleo would have detected that event,” says Tasson.

“However, Truleo would have also found the hundreds of events that occurred before. Tyre was brutally and tragically beaten as a result of the officer’s decline in professionalism.”

Florida, Alabama, Pennsylvania, California, and Pennsylvania are the current states where Truleo technology is available.

Catching a Crime before It’s Happened

Tasson’s suggestion that Truleo would have detected the officers’ bad behavior before the fact is reminiscent of the 2002 science fiction thriller Minority Report where In the Precrime police force, Tom Cruise plays a police chief who has the foresight to catch criminals.

This type of 1984-esque surveillance is a hurdle for Truleo’s technology.

“It occurs at a time when police departments are overburdened. The chiefs worried about morale, and whether camera analytics is going to be considered Big Brother,” Tasson tells ABC 11.

“Therefore, we must spread the word widely that analytics will enable good officers to distinguish themselves from bad ones. “

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Source: petapixel.com

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