Iran Installs Cameras in Public Places

Iran Installs Cameras in Public Places to Identify, Penalise Unveiled Women

The police announced on Saturday that authorities are installing cameras in public spaces and thoroughfares to identify and punish women who are wearing the burqa, Iran’s mandatory dress code, in an effort to further control the rising number of women who are disobeying it.

After they have been identified, violators will receive “warning text messages as to the consequences”, police said in a statement.

The move is aimed at “preventing resistance against the hijab law,” said the statement, carried by the judiciary’s Mizan news agency and other state media, adding that such resistance tarnishes Iran’s religious reputation and foments unrest.

Since the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman while in the morality police’s custody last September, more and more Iranian women have decided to take off their burqas. For allegedly breaking the hijab rule, Mahsa Amini had been taken into custody. Following her passing, security forces violently put an end to the protests.

Women are still frequently seen wearing nothing on in malls, restaurants, shops, and on the streets across the nation despite running the risk of being arrested for disobeying the required attire. The morality police are being resisted in videos that have taken over social media.

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Source: reuters

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