iPhone 15 Camera Sensor

The iPhone 15’s “Breakthrough” Camera Sensor Could Bring a Massive Low-light Leap

According to a report, Sony is supplying a new “state-of-the-art image sensor” to improve photography in low light.

Although it’s still a while off, there are consistently new rumors regarding the iPhone 15. Now we’re hearing about the camera, which could gain a new “state-of-the-art image sensor” from Sony.

According to Nikkei Asia, Sony’s new image sensor “roughly doubles the saturation signal level in each pixel compared with conventional sensors.” As the publication explains, this means that the sensors can “capture more light and reduce overexposure or underexposure in certain settings, enabling a smartphone camera to clearly photograph a person’s face even if the subject is standing against a strong backlight.”

Nikkei Asia says Sony made the sensor using “a new semiconductor architecture which places photodiodes and transistors in separate substrate layers, allowing the sensor to add more photodiodes to the dedicated layer.”

If accurate, the new sensor will enable better nighttime and harsh lighting photos. Apple has made significant strides in low-light photography in recent years, but mostly on the software and computational fronts. With the addition of the rumored high-tech telephoto lens in the iPhone 15 Pro, this sensor could significantly improve the iPhone’s ability to take pictures in dim lighting.

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Source: Macworld

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