This Hidden Camera Detector is Perfect for Travel

This Hidden Camera Detector is Perfect for Travel

You agree to a relaxing stay away from home when you go on vacation, not to be observed by strangers. Recently, TikTok revealed a worrying trend of travelers discovering hidden cameras in their lodgings. While they were able to recognize the threat before it materialized, there is a possibility that a camera in your room could go unnoticed if you’re not sure where to look.

Due to its small size and ease of use, the Btfdreem Hidden Camera Detector may be a wise purchase to add a layer of security to your trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying in a hotel, motel, or Airbnb—this $47 gadget (which is currently offered at Amazon) is a travel security tip you won’t want to miss.

Traveling should always put your safety first, and if you’re staying in an Airbnb, this simple-to-use hidden camera detector is a great tool to have to add an extra layer of security to your room, yourself, and your possessions. The gadget includes a bending extension probe to reach hard-to-reach areas when securing your room and combines RF, magnetic field, and infrared detection to find hidden cameras and bugs.

Especially if you’re going to be traveling alone or staying with an unfamiliar host in an Airbnb, this small, packable device is a no-brainer addition to your carry-on bag thanks to its quick charging capabilities and long battery life. It can even detect the presence of GPS locators, pinhole cameras, wiretaps, and more, and will warn you by beeping loudly whenever it detects a frequency. Just be aware that while scanning your room, you’ll need to turn off devices like your cell phone, WiFi router, and other Bluetooth devices because they could interfere with the transmission.

This portable gadget, which has been well-reviewed by frequent travelers, will help you feel more at ease when trying to take a relaxing vacation far from potential dangers and unknown cameras. In fact, one shopper shared that they find the device to be “particularly useful for women who stay in hotels a lot,” adding that it gives them the “peace of mind” needed to relax.

Another customer shared that they purchased this detector for their husband who travels often, explaining that it “lasts a long time off of one charge,” and is “compact and easy for him to put in his luggage.” Meanwhile, one shopper noted that since the device is “compact and fits into a tiny box,” they leave theirs in the car “to scan both [their] car and the hotels,” adding that it’s “simple to use.” For the assurance it gives travelers, the detector has actually received more than 5,800 five-star reviews on

The Btfdreem Hidden Camera Detector is a great way to make sure that your room is free of hidden cameras and bugs for a truly relaxing stay, even if you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb. Staying safe while traveling should always be a top priority. It’s never a bad idea to go the extra mile for the safest trip possible, especially in light of the rise in travelers discovering cameras in their lodgings.

In addition, the device is currently on sale at Amazon for just $47 with a unique site-specific coupon, allowing you to purchase it in time for your upcoming vacation.

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