Should You Upgrade Your Camera Or Your Lens First

Should You Upgrade Your Camera Or Your Lens First?

Since photography equipment is not inexpensive, it is wise to carefully consider your financial decisions. So, if you need to upgrade some of your equipment, would it be better to spend your money on a camera or a lens first?

This outstanding video from Julia Trotti discusses whether you should upgrade your camera or lens first. I believe that in general, if your camera and lens are of the same generation, you should focus on upgrading the lens first.

However, when it comes to image quality, generally speaking, the lens will have a bigger impact on, especially when we are talking about modern camera sensors, which are all quite good. If you absolutely need a certain camera feature, such as a robust autofocus system or fast burst rate, then go ahead and upgrade the body.

On the other hand, upgrading from a kit lens to a professional lens will significantly improve the caliber of your pictures. To see Trotti’s complete summary, watch the video above.

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