Your Phone's Main Camera is Too Wide

Your Phone’s Main Camera is Too Wide; Use 2x Zoom Instead

A 23–24mm lens, though not ultrawide, is still quite wide in the world of cameras. Except for those who specialize in landscape photography, most photographers tend to favor 40mm or narrower lenses. That is for a reason.

50mm is the equivalent of human sight. In addition, many subjects you want to take pictures of — whether they be people, animals, structures, or the outdoors — are out of your reach, and even if they were, you’d run the risk of significant distortion. You can take a photo that is more detailed and less distorted by moving back and using your eyes to focus or zooming in on your camera. Additionally, it gives you more freedom to frame the image however you like while eliminating unwanted elements. In contrast, a wider shot makes it harder to conceal anything.

With a focal length of 23–24mm, our phones’ best and highest resolution lens is too wide. The situation is illogical.

The most well-liked camera phones on the market today, however, all have a wide main camera that captures more than our eyes can see. These are just a few examples, including the Pixel 7 Pro (23mm), Galaxy S22 Ultra (24mm), and iPhone 14 Pro Max (24mm). The best glass and processing are used in this pocket-sized lens, which has the highest resolution but is also by default too wide.

Before a few months ago, I hadn’t really given this much thought. On the contrary, I sought out the widest perspectives and frequently used the ultrawide lens for more spectacular scenery and effects. Then I noticed that I was gradually moving toward taking more close-up pictures. The fact that my Pixel 7 Pro can take excellent 2x photos without any resolution loss helps. The 23mm main sensor can crop a 2x zoomed 12.5MP photo out of a larger 50MP photo with all the detail I need.

When I realized that almost always, I ended up keeping the 2x photo and deleting the 1x one, it went from being a rare switch from 1x to 2x to take an alternative photo and choose later to becoming a more frequent occurrence.

This happened frequently enough that I decided to start taking 2x photos right away to save time. Until I realized: 2x is now almost always the setting I use for photography! I switch to it more often than not, and I share Rob’s sentiments: I’m over wide-field-of-view cameras.

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