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The Best and Worst Places to Put Home Security Cameras

Your home security cameras receive a lot of trust. Sadly, that might bite you later.

Security experts discovered issues with a well-known brand. They weren’t encrypting sensitive video, specifically. Yikes.

Placement is an additional factor beyond brands. To make sure the crucial areas are covered and you don’t commit any major errors, I put together a list.

Do: Keep An Eye on Doors and Windows on the Ground Floor

Most burglars seek the simplest entrance into your home. Install cameras on your ground-level doors and inside. Remember to include any side and back doors as well.

If someone were to break in, you would be able to see their face as they approached your door and observe everything they did once inside.

Do: Place Them High Up

Placement has a huge impact. The ground is the worst possible location for a camera. You might step on it, your dog might shower it (if you know what I mean), and it doesn’t record usable footage.

Better if it’s higher. Because of this positioning, your camera will be able to capture the entire scene. If necessary, police can narrow down the list of suspects by using cameras eight to ten feet off the ground because you are more likely to see an intruder’s entire body that way.

Do: Put Up Signs

When they are aware that they are being recorded, people behave differently. I’ve posted signs in my yard warning people that they are being recorded. Amazon sells signs for $12 that come with ground stakes.

Do: Use Corners to Your Advantage

Getting as much high-quality footage as possible is the aim of a security camera. You can get a complete picture by positioning a camera in the corner.

Some business owners prefer their security cameras to be more covert in order to discourage thieves, while others prefer them to be more visible. (Fox News)

Don’t: Stick a Camera in the Bathroom

You might break the law in addition to disturbing the guests. In areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy, it is forbidden to record people without their permission.

I recognize that you may be taking medication or have another concern. My mother’s painkillers were once taken from her medicine cabinet by a contractor. I installed a motion sensor on the medicine cabinet door rather than mounting a camera.

Don’t: Block the Lens

The majority of burglars enter through plain-to-see openings like windows or doors. Focus the lens on busy areas and keep it straightforward.

Keep your distance from obstacles like plants, tree branches, and backyard jungle gyms. Position your camera high so that boisterous children or running pets won’t knock it over.

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