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Body Camera Footage Released After Fatal Police Shooting of 14-year-old in Colorado

Following the death of a teenager who was shot by an officer following an alleged robbery, police in Aurora, Colorado, released body camera footage.

On June 1, a Black man named Jor’Dell Richardson was fatally shot by an officer who chased him as he fled from a nearby store after allegedly stealing vape supplies with a group of young people. He was 14 years old.

After being shot in the abdomen, Richardson later passed away at the hospital, according to the police.

The shooting is being looked into by several agencies. The race of the officers involved could not be immediately confirmed by Reuters.

Richardson can be seen evading police in one of the videos from the body-worn cameras that were made available on Friday while they yell at him to stop and lay down.

James Snapp, one of the two officers engaged in the pursuit, eventually brought him to the ground.

“Stop, please. You got me,” Richardson is heard uttering.

Moments later, Roch Gruszeczka, a second officer, caught up to his partner.

“Gun, gun, let go of the fucking gun,” Gruszeczka said. “I’m going to shoot your behind.” A gunshot and Richardson’s screams of pain can then be heard shortly after.

As Richardson appeared to lose consciousness, officers called for medical help and started performing CPR.

“Hang with me bud,” Gruszeczka says. Police said later on he said: “I beg you, God, watch over that child.”

Richardson was found to be in possession of a pellet gun that was made to resemble a 9mm handgun, despite Aurora Police Department Chief Art Acevedo’s claims to the contrary during a press conference on Friday.

Whether Richardson ever pointed the weapon at the officers is not evident in the body camera footage that was made public by the police. Gruszeczka has been given a paid administrative leave.

Prior to its release to the public, the footage was reviewed by Richardson’s family, and Acevedo claimed to have kept in touch with them.

“No matter where this investigation takes us, no matter where we end, it is a tragedy because a young man has lost his life,” At the press conference, Acevedo told reporters.

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Source: Reuters

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