Body Camera Footage Shows Pursuit of Gunman in Deadly New Mexico Shooting

Body Camera Footage Shows Pursuit of Gunman in Deadly New Mexico Shooting

Police in New Mexico released body camera footage on Thursday that showed a tense but quick pursuit of a shooter who earlier this week was randomly shooting at homes and cars in a residential neighborhood before being killed by responding officers.

The 18-year-old gunman opened fire in Farmington over a nearly quarter-mile stretch of the neighborhood, police said, leaving three people dead and six others injured, including two police officers.

A portion of body camera video from the incident released Thursday by the Farmington Police Department showed officers responding to a “hot call,” Reporters were told by Chief Steve Hebbe.

“It is as I described, a very chaotic scene,” Hebbe said. “Since I’ve seen it a lot of times and talked about it even more, I can say with all sincerity that watching it is emotionally taxing. Watching it still makes you feel things.”

An officer can be seen walking down a street with a gun in hand in pursuit of the suspect in one body camera’s footage. The officer claimed that the suspect was described as being dressed entirely in black and carrying an automatic weapon.

“White House, which is located just south of the church, just took off!” the officer can be heard saying in the footage. “The gunfire is continuing!”

When another unit should be dispatched to the scene, the officer continues as police sirens blare, stating that he is accompanied by a sergeant and two detectives.

“Come on, people, back inside!” the officer yells.

He then quickly shouts out, “I want to see your hands.” as shots are fired, the footage shows.

After an approximately 10-second firefight, the officer yells out, “The subject is now inactive! End the fire immediately!”

The gunman is seen being handcuffed by officers, and the radio transmission from the officer identifying him as Sgt. The video also reveals that Rachel Discenza is not doing well.

Video from Discenza’s body camera was also shared by the police. She collapses to the ground as she and the officers move toward the direction where shots are heard.

“Ugh, I’m shot,” she can be heard saying.

She tries to stand up again but trips and tumbles.

“My legs I think,” she responds when an officer asks where she was hit.

An officer can be heard in the footage telling her to “just breathe” as he renders aid. Another officer says, “You’re in good hands; I’m here, OK?”

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Source: abcnews

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