City Installs Security Cameras across Town

City Installs Security Cameras across Town

A city in northeast Arkansas has found a novel way to stay vigilant.

An undertaking that the City of Hardy has been working on for about a year was just finished.

To monitor traffic, prevent crime, and other purposes, the city started to raise funds in December for the installation of security cameras throughout the city.

Both Loberg Park and Main Street have security cameras.

The cameras, according to Police Chief Scott Rose, would aid the department’s future investigations.

“These are excellent, high-quality cameras. The quality of them and the replay are clear,” Rose explained. “It’s crucial for us to understand what is happening when investigating a past event and replaying it.”

Rose also anticipates that the cameras will increase the town’s sense of security.

“Not to spy, but to protect and be there to help everyone feel more comfortable and know they have that extra layer of protection,” He added.

With assistance from neighborhood associations, businesses, and residents, the city acquired and set up the cameras at no cost to taxpayers.

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