Security Camera Captures the Moment Large Tree Collapses

Security Camera Captures the Moment Large Tree Collapses on Work Vans in Cherokee County

Numerous communities in the metro area are cleaning up after severe storms that toppled trees as more rain moves through Monday night.

A tree fell onto three work vans as a result of the storms. In Cherokee County, it happened at ServiceWise Electric.

Chainsaws whirred during the day as employees of a tree service company removed the limbs.

One of his staff members first noticed the damage around 7 a.m., according to ServiceWise Electric owner Mike Grayeski. Monday morning.

“Hey, are you aware there’s a tree on your vans,” Grayeski explained to Channel 2′s Bryan Mims.

The windshields and hoods were broken and crumpled by the tree.

The vans might be a total loss, according to Grayeski.

“They don’t appear to be in good health. They’re not driving out, I can tell you that,” Grayeski said.

He continued with business as usual despite the damage.

“We are currently operating eight vans because it is quite inconvenient. These three are the only ones who remain in the store after hours. There are five on the road right now,” Grayeski said.

All of the equipment in the vans, according to him, doesn’t seem to have been harmed.

“It’s unfortunate what happened, but we’ll move on, and I feel good about it. So far, we’ve performed admirably. I guess we’re gonna get a few new vans,” Grayeski said.

The company’s office was unaffected by the tree’s damage.

Mims contacted the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office to learn more about the local storm damage.

At least eight calls about fallen trees and limbs had come in from all over the county, a dispatcher informed Mims.

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Source: wsbtv

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