DA Efforts to Release Body Camera Footage Sooner

DA Efforts to Release Body Camera Footage Sooner

When it comes to the release of police body camera footage showing a fatal shooting, the district attorney claims he is all about accountability and transparency.

In response to your concerns, DA Steve Mulroy stated during the press conference on Tuesday that his objective is to release the pertinent sections of these videos as soon as possible.

He claims that the Jarveon Hudspeth case is where it all began.

The body camera footage from the incident, which occurred in June and resulted in the death of the 21-year-old by a Shelby County Sheriff’s deputy, has still not been made public.

Mulroy claims that since the Tyre Nichols video was made public, he has received numerous calls and questions from the public about other incidents in which someone was killed while interacting with law enforcement.

“We will try to make sure that we do the key witness interviews of all the people who could possibly be influenced by seeing the video so that we’re getting their actual memory not contaminated by the video once that’s done,” said Mulroy. “Then we’ll put it up.”

According to Mulroy, the previous procedure was to hold off until the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s entire investigation was finished.

By the end of this week, he hopes to release an edited version of the Jarvion Hudspeth video.

The Hudspeth family, he claims, has already seen it after he spoke with them.

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