Driver Caught on Camera Smacking Car Wash's Wall

Driver Caught on Camera Smacking Car Wash’s Wall in Lehigh Acres

The driver who visited the Mobil gas station on Joel Boulevard on Sunday evening is wanted by Lee County deputies.

Although it’s not yet clear, there is cause to suspect that the driver may have done so intentionally.

“It better not fall apart, I hope. That’s the biggest fear,” said the owner of the Mobil Gas Station.

In the car wash at around 5:30 p.m., a man is seen parking his truck and towing a trailer. on It will not rain on Sunday. He entered the shop after that, the owner of which told WINK News that he attempted to make a purchase of an item requiring identification.

“I believe (it) was a tobacco product,” said the store owner.

But the cashier claimed he lacked identification.

“Failure of the transaction. So he left,” said the store owner. “A little bit angrier,”

As he exits the car wash and appears to become stuck, cameras capture the man getting back into his truck. Then the driver makes several backward and forward movements before slamming into the side of the wall.

“Back and forth. He was trying to get out,” said the gas station owner.

The truck eventually drives off without pausing to inspect the damage after getting out, as seen in the video. The owner of the gas station told WINK News that he is now left to pick up the pieces.

“Nobody’s gonna feel good about this kind of damage in your property,” said the owner.

Money is tight, he claimed, and if engineers determine that the damage is structural, he is concerned about the potential cost. In order for someone to spot the truck and call LCSO, he is therefore moving.

“Hopefully, somebody will come up,” said the store owner. “Do the right thing and just step forward.”

“Come forward and give us some more info about this guy,” said the store owner.

In the video, it was clear that the driver was moving so quickly that he almost collided with another vehicle. The station owner expressed concern for anyone who violates traffic laws by driving carelessly to WINK News.

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Source: winknews

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