Security Camera, Body Cam, Dash Cam

Security Camera, Body Cam, Dash Cam: This Tiny Gadget Can Do It All

There are things you cannot see. You risk missing a package delivery if you’re not home. You might not see the driver who rear-ended you on the highway. A hike may cause you to miss an animal that is directly in front of you.

However, if you already have a video camera recording, it might have captured something you missed. Whether at home, on your dashboard, or as a body cam, the 1.5-inch Tokk Cam C2+ is a Wi-Fi camera. Additionally, it is currently 44% off with free shipping.

A Security Camera, Body Cam and Dash Cam in One

Dash cams are more than just a fun way to watch your commute’s most annoying moments again. Your objective video record of what happened may be much more persuasive to your insurance provider than your word if you are driving and someone else causes you to get into an accident.

The free iCookyCam app for iOS and Android allows you to view your video feed live while the Tokk Cam automatically saves your recordings onto a microSD card. Another option is to upload your videos to the cloud. (Your purchase includes a free 30-day cloud storage account.)

The Tokk Cam even has a built-in microphone, allowing it to hear conversations. Furthermore, compared to full-size security cameras, it is much simpler to conceal due to their small size and mobile stand. If you want to know when the delivery person arrived, hang one from your porch or attach it to your clothing with the provided clip.

Even auto-night vision is employed by the Tokk Cam. Midnight, did you hear a strange noise coming from your door? Pull out your phone, access the camera view, and find out what all the fuss is about.

Save on a Tokk Cam C2+

Don’t pass up the chance to save money on this multipurpose device that can be used as a dash cam, body cam, or security camera.

With free shipping and no coupon required, purchase the Tokk Cam C2+ for $69.99.

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