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Hidden Camera Catches Doting Eagle Doing Everything He Can to Please His Wife

In the Big Bear Valley of California, an eagle named Jackie flew back to her nest while closely trailing her mate, Shadow. The eagle couple, which has successfully raised chicks in the past, would soon start preparing the nest, perhaps in preparation for another clutch of eggs.

On this particular afternoon, Shadow had just finished preparing his lunch and was about to begin when Jackie insisted that the snack be hers. The meal ultimately went to Jackie despite some initial argument between the two. Surely, she thought, “the one who lays the eggs around here should get the best treats.”

“Jackie always gets her way,” According to Sandy Steers, executive director of Friends of Big Bear Valley, to The Dodo.

Steers has gotten to know this eagle pair quite well through daily observation of them through the eagle camera maintained by Friends of Big Bear Valley. This camera has provided a rare look into the lives of the lovely birds that live far above people for many years. Steers frequently updates eagle fans on Facebook about their favorite duo, Jackie and Shadow, a couple whose daily triumphs and conflicts frequently feel all too real.

“Shadow and Jackie are the perfect match,” Steers said. “He treats Jackie with a lot of tenderness and defers to her authority.”

Jackie initially mated with a different eagle. Steers could tell Shadow was stealing Jackie’s heart when he arrived, though. Finally, Jackie’s original partner gave in to Shadow and took off. Shadow and Jackie started living together once the ex-boyfriend left the house. This incident was quite unexpected because eagles typically mate for life, but Jackie and Shadow’s special bond motivated Jackie to re-partner.

“This sounds weird, but you can tell that Jackie has a lot more respect for Shadow than she did for her previous mate,” Steers said.

Since partnering, Jackie and Shadow’s funny personalities have been on full display. Fans are aware that Shadow is trustworthy and flexible, whereas Jackie is a strong woman with a big heart.

Steers is appreciative of the eagle camera’s ability to enable people to view wildlife in a way they ordinarily wouldn’t be able to. As viewers watch Jackie and Shadow construct their nest and make preparations for parenthood, they gradually gain a deeper sense of empathy for nature.

“[Jackie and Shadow] demonstrate how much personality and emotion animals have that very often people dismiss as instinct,” Steers said. “You can’t look at them for very long without coming to the conclusion that their body contains more than just chemicals.”

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Source: thedodo

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