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Takeaways from Rexburg Police Body Camera Footage at Lori Vallow’s Apartment

The body camera footage of Lori Vallow, also known as Lori Vallow Daybell, showed her appearing to lie to police when they questioned her about her missing son, and then she vanished a day later, as the jury in her murder trial watched.

At her Rexburg apartment on November, police conducted a welfare check. 26, 2019 after JJ Vallow, the son of Lori Vallow, hasn’t spoken to his grandmother Kay Woodcock in any way. Due to the nature of the interaction with Lori Vallow — in which police said was “evasive” — a no-knock search warrant was obtained a day later.

On Thursday, three recordings from the body camera of Rexburg Police Det. Here are a few conclusions, David Stubbs.

1. Lori is Fairly Lighthearted With Police

The two children of Lori Vallow, Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow, had not been seen in over two months at the time of the welfare check.

When telling police her son is with her friend Melanie Gibb in Arizona, Lori Vallow appears assured on Stubbs’ body camera footage. As the police talk with her, she chuckles inoffensively about the movie.

“This is a big mess,” she tells police. Stubbs tells her in the video that all of this seems “weird.”

“It is very weird,” With composure, Lori Vallow answers. Parts of the video appeared to show her grinning.

When the police tried to call Gibb to make sure JJ Vallow was with her, she didn’t pick up the phone. Officers are seen returning to the residence and knocking on Stubbs’ door a second time in a new recording of the body camera footage.

Lori Vallow tells them Gibb and her son are probably at the movies watching “Frozen 2.”

“Well if she could just return (the officer’s) call that would be great,” Stubbs said.

“OK,” JJ Vallow was never with Gibb, insisted Lori Vallow.

2. She Mentions Life Insurance

Because they believe Lori Vallow desired benefits from those who had passed away in her immediate vicinity, the prosecution has charged her with grand theft in addition to murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

In the body camera footage, Vallow makes several references to life insurance. She tells the police that her brother is attempting to kill her in exchange for her $2 million life insurance policy and that her other brother, Alex Cox, is staying with her to defend her. Later, Stubbs declared that there was no proof of an assassination attempt against her.

In addition, Vallow tells police that her ex-husband, Charles Vallow, changed the beneficiary of his life insurance policy before he passed away to be Kay Woodcock rather than her.

“We got nothing,” Vallow tells police.

3. Lori Never Mentioned Chad Daybell Was Her Husband

During his testimony, Stubbs stated that starting in early November of 2019 he had been keeping an eye on Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow. He was aware that couple had recently been wed on a beach in Hawaii.

Police encountered Daybell and Cox just before making contact with Vallow. Police tell her in the footage that they “ran into your brother and someone else.”

With her arms crossed across her chest, Vallow informs the authorities that the man is Chad Daybell, a friend of her brother.

“Isn’t that the man whose wife recently passed away, Chad Daybell?…It sounds familiar,” one officer says. Tammy Daybell, Daybell’s wife, had passed away just one month earlier.

Stubbs later tells the jury he was concerned Vallow only referred to her new husband as “a friend.”

4. She Says She Looks Like a Suspect

In the video, Lori Vallow tells police that she does not want her residence to be made public. According to her, Kay Woodcock was harassing her and trying to sue for her son.

“I just don’t tell people where I am, ever,” Vallow says. “It’s a complete mess, and it gives me problems all the time.”

Colby Ryan, the only surviving member of Vallow’s family, testified earlier this week that his mother never informed him of her plans to leave Arizona. Colby Ryan claimed that he only learned of it while watching the news.

Tylee Ryan, her other child, who was last seen on September, is also mentioned by Vallow to the police. 8, 2019. She informs the police that her daughter is away at college, attending BYU Idaho, as she has previously informed her other friends. The student dean admitted on Friday that Tylee Ryan was never enrolled there.

I look like a suspect but I’m a good person,” The video shows Vallow saying.

5. Her Home Looked Lived In, But Not Her Closet

A day after speaking with Vallow, police issued a no-knock warrant for her apartment. Snowflakes falling to the ground and children’s toys outside the house are both captured on Stubbs’ body camera footage. It has been pried open.

Vallow is not there.

As he moves through the house, Stubbs describes what he sees. The door opens to a living room with pictures of the LDS temple on the walls and a couch facing the side of the stairs.

On the kitchen island, there are Amazon envelopes and packages, and behind it, near the sink, there are dishes on the counter.

There are several guns in storage tubs lining the walls of her garage.

Stubbs enters the master bedroom’s upstairs closet after ascending the stairs and discovering that it is empty. There are still a few hangers, but none of them are filled with clothing. The bathroom door still has a towel hanging from it. According to Stubbs, there appeared to be computers on the desk in the bedroom, but they were gone.

Down the hall there is a laundry room and two bedrooms — one bedroom has two twin beds with a closet that is open, containing some boxes that “appear to store women’s clothes.” In the video, Stubbs claimed that the top of the other bed’s duffel bag contained men’s clothing. This bed is bigger than the other.

Apart from two Samurai swords, the closet in that space was largely empty.

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