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iPhone 14 Pro Camera Is A Huge Leap, Says Halide

The creators of the well-known camera app Halide, Lux, have released their annual review of the iPhone’s camera, which includes a test of the iPhone 14 Pro and its new features.

On Apple’s new Pro iPhones, Sebastiaan de With thoroughly examined both the front and back cameras. Each one features advancements in sensor technology, image quality, and software processing.

Apple replaced the notch on older iPhones with a new Dynamic Island to conceal the front camera’s lens. According to De With, the front camera on the iPhone 14 Pro produced sharp images with more dynamic range and detail than the iPhone 13 Pro.

The camera produces better results for subjects with backlighting or mixed lighting thanks to the Photonic Engine, which is Apple’s term for its computational photography process.

Because the sensor is bigger and has a variable focus, the background behind the subject is slightly blurred. It keeps its subject in focus at close ranges to produce a depth-of-field effect when a close-up subject is set against a background.

iPhone 14 Pro

De With was pleasantly surprised during testing despite not anticipating significant changes to the iPhone 14 Pro’s ultra-wide camera on the back. To take better pictures in low-light conditions, it has a larger sensor, a new lens design, and a higher ISO sensitivity.

The iPhone 14 Pro’s main wide camera is capable of 48-megapixel ProRAW photo capture. De With claims that the wide camera’s photography has improved by 33% as a result of the larger sensor.

But the camera on the iPhone 14 Pro performs better than any phone’s camera ever has, coming the closest to a real camera in every way. It occasionally has the ability to capture pictures that are truly unrecognizable as having been taken with a phone camera; rather, they are what I would classify as having been taken with a camera, not a phone.

“With an iPhone in our pockets, that’s a significant step for all of us.”

On Lux’s website, readers can access the complete article.

AppleInsider published a review of the iPhone 14 Pro in September, and we both agree that it has fantastic camera abilities. Sensors, “Quad Pixels,” optical image stabilization, and more bring improvements to photography and videography.

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Source: AppleInsider

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