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More Neighborhoods to Get Crime Camera Systems

More Baton Rouge neighborhoods are considering installing security cameras that are connected to the Real Time Crime Center of the Baton Rouge Police Department.

“You can clearly see the driver of the car as it passes our cameras in the video we captured. So, we have been able to use that successfully to prosecute criminals,” explains the Sherwood Forest Crime District’s Gary Patureau as commissioner.

According to Patureau, the crime cameras connected to the Real Time Crime Center have been successful.

“We have had great success using homeowner video, for example, when there are two cyclists and a porch pirate. We are able to go back and look at our camera systems and see where those people come in the neighborhood and so on,” adds Patureau.

80% of voters voted “yes” on To keep the Sherwood Forest crime cameras operational, December 10, 2022

There are 17 cameras in Sherwood Forest altogether. Property owners contribute $75 annually to keep the system running. In the future, that charge will rise in December 2023. The cameras provide surveillance footage and a license plate reader linked to the National Crime Information Center. Because of the initiative’s success in this area, more neighborhoods are thinking about it.

“Numerous subdivisions are moving in this direction. Either they are installing cameras or they already have cameras. I know the neighborhood in Tara, they have cameras, but they are upgrading the cameras to this type of technology,” says Patureau.

Broadmoor, Windsor Place, Villa Del Rey, and Park Forest, according to Patureau, are joining the crime camera initiative in the hopes that it will keep other neighborhoods safe.

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Source: WAFB

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