Major Camera Upgrade Coming to iPhone 15

Major Camera Upgrade Coming to iPhone 15 Thanks to New Sony Sensor

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 15 models will get a major camera upgrade thanks to Sony’s newest “state of the art” image sensors, reports suggest.

According Nikkei Asia, the new sensors are able to capture better portraits, even with strong backlighting. They reportedly have two times as much saturation signal per pixel as conventional sensors, which enables them to capture more light and reduce underexposure and overexposure.

The semiconductor architecture used in the Sony image sensors allows for more photodiodes overall by segregating photodiodes and transistors into different layers. The technology described by Nikkei would likely be used for the “Wide” camera that Apple considers to be the iPhone’s “main” camera.

It is unclear if the new sensor technology will be included in all iPhone 15 models or if Apple will reserve it for the more expensive iPhone 15 Pro models only. According to rumors, the “iPhone 15 Pro” will have a number of unique features that are not present in the “iPhone 15” models.

For instance, the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max is anticipated to feature a periscope telephoto camera with a six-times zoom, which is double the optical zoom of the Pro models currently available. So it makes sense that the most expensive models might not use the new image sensor technology. Even so, it’s still possible that Apple will include camera upgrades in all of the new iPhone 15 models later this year.

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Source: macrumors

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