Man Caught on Camera Stealing Jar of Money from Farm Store

Man Caught on Camera Stealing Jar of Money from Farm Store

A man wearing a pink shirt and purple pants entered a neighborhood farm store and left carrying cash in a jar.

The store, which is situated in the 4000 block of Clarks Bridge Road, is designed for residents of the rural area and farm workers to quickly pick up milk and other essentials using the honor system.

However, in the late afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 6, a uniquely dressed bald man entered the store, opened the fridge and then closed it. A store surveillance camera captured all of his actions.

The honor jar, which is filled with cash payments, is opened after he walks over and grabs a bag. He is seen shoving the jar’s contents into the bag.

The man is described as being about 6-feet tall, weighing about 170 pounds, and having a skinny build by Hall County Sheriff’s deputies. He was dressed in light pink or red knit pants and a pullover shirt. The man’s age, according to investigators, is in his mid-50s.

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