Pixel 8 Pro Large Camera Sensor

Latest Pixel 8 Pro Rumor Reveals It May Feature a Large Camera Sensor

The Google I/O event is scheduled to take place this year on May 10th, and as is customary each year, more information about the new Google Pixel devices is leaking out every day. The Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, on the other hand, are a Pixel device that is reportedly not going to be announced at I/O but about which we continue to hear a lot of information from leaks.

The most recent leak, which has been making the rounds, was revealed via a tweet from well-known leaker Ice Universe. According to his most recent report, the upcoming Google Pixel 8 Pro is expected to include a camera sensor made by Samsung that, if the rumors are accurate, will be the largest sensor ever seen on a Pixel device. The new sensor is anticipated to be a significant advancement over the Pixel cameras of the present, which already provide some of the best image quality on the market.

The new sensor is expected to be close to a 1″ sensor (1/1.12″ specifically), which is significantly larger than the current 1/1.31″-inch sensor found in the The Pixel 7 Pro should perform better in low light conditions and have a wider dynamic range thanks to its larger sensor. Consider the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra’s camera sensor, which is a 2-year-old Samsung ISOCELL GN2 model.

Other than the sensor model, no other information was provided about this leak. But this has been sufficient to pique the curiosity of many smartphone photographers who are already on the lookout for the next generation of cameras. Would a pro mode in the Google Camera app be possible if the Pixel 8 Pro came with this more sophisticated sensor as standard equipment? Or will Google stick to its computational photography strengths while enhancing them with this larger sensor?

There are so many questions that pop up, and it seems likely that we won’t know the answers until Google I/O in a few weeks. So far, the leaks have revealed that the Pixel 8 series may come with rounded corners and have slimmer bezels than the Pixel 7 series, as well as a a fairly standard 6.7″ display on the The non-pro version of the Pixel 8 Pro has a much smaller 6.2 display. From now until then, it is uncertain if there will be any more pleasantly surprising developments involving the Pixel 8 series.

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