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Raspberry Pi Camera Instantly Develops Pictures into Digital Frame

It’s always cool to see Raspberry Pi projects that recycle old hardware, and this project, created by maker and developer Max Van Leeuwen is a good illustration of how you can use a single-board computer to not only fix a malfunctioning device but also add new features to it that it was unable to have before. He’s used a couple of Raspberry Pis to transform a non-functioning Polaroid camera into one that instantly develops pictures to a remote digital picture frame.

The old analog camera has been converted to a digital camera that is compatible with the Internet of Things thanks to the Pi. It uses Wi-Fi to communicate with the digital photo frame, which is also equipped with a Pi. The camera can instantly send photos to the remote frame as soon as they are taken as long as the two devices are connected to the internet.

Van Leeuwen gave the frame extra thought because it was a gift for his grandmother. As a result, he made sure the final product was beautifully finished. The frame has an E ink screen so that even if power is lost, the most recent image will remain on the screen. Due to the grainy image quality, this also gives off a slight retro vibe.

An old Polaroid camera that has a Raspberry Pi 3A+ installed inside it serves as the project’s hardware. A battery and a camera module are both built into the Pi inside to make it portable. The frame uses a 3A+ as well and has a 7-color eInk panel with a 600 x 448px resolution.

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Source: tomshardware

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