Huge Galaxy S23 Camera Update

Samsung Just Delivered a Huge Galaxy S23 Camera Update!

Although the Galaxy S23 series’ cameras perform admirably, there were a few minor problems that Samsung needed to fix. Several rumors suggested that Samsung would release an update to enhance the camera functionality of its most recent high-end smartphones. Samsung has confirmed that it has updated the cameras on the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

It was made clear which camera features of the Galaxy S23 have been improved in a post made by a company executive on the Samsung Community forum. The Galaxy S23 series in South Korea received these updates as part of the second software update that was made available in March 2023. It comes with firmware version S91xNKSU1AWC8 and has a huge file size of around 922.88MB.

Along with enhancing the speed of the Camera and Gallery apps, the company has also increased the accuracy and speed of autofocus. The company has also enhanced the ultrawide camera’s sharpness in low-light conditions. Additionally, the company improved banding issues and OIS performance. Additionally, it fixed the issue with blurriness in some camera modes.

  1. You can now instantly delete images that were just taken and are in the processing stage thanks to a change in the Gallery app.
  2. As a result of modifications to the autofocus algorithm, when you press the shutter button, the camera will take a picture even if the subject or background are not in focus or perfectly in focus. However, you can change the behavior from the Camera Assistant app (Camera Assistant ยป Prioritize Focus Over Speed ON) if you want the camera app to only take pictures once the frame is in focus.
  3. When recording videos with the ultrawide camera in low-light conditions while using the Super Steady mode, sharpness has increased and flicker has decreased. A notice explaining that Super Steady mode requires good ambient light for better image quality is also visible on the camera app.
  4. Fixed a bug where, occasionally, the rear-facing camera in Photo mode would show a green line on the left.
  5. when using the rear-facing camera, the video stabilization has been improved when the resolution is set to Full HD 60 fps and the Auto FPS setting is off.
  6. improved the banding problem that appeared in the sky in medium-low ambient light and when using high resolution (50MP or 200MP). Both the 50MP and 200MP modes now have better overall sharpness. Samsung also improved the OIS performance to address the sporadic blurring problem.
  7. When the Night mode is disabled and the following setting is selected in the Camera Assistant app: Shooting Speed & High Resolution & Speed Priority, Samsung has also fixed the image quality issue.
  8. The camera issue where face recognition stopped working after terminating a video call using a third-party app has also been resolved.
  9. When the frame contains moving subjects, Samsung has also enhanced the camera app’s stability.

Soon, all of these camera updates and fixes will be available in other nations. However, given that March is almost at an end, they might be included in the April 2023 update. More details about this update for markets outside of Korea will be added to our website.

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