Mysterious Creature Caught on Camera

Mysterious Creature Caught on Camera Swimming at New Orleans Park

A mysterious creature swimming in a park lagoon in New Orleans was captured on camera by the preschool’s founder, who is now trying to identify it.

A video of the massive animal swimming in New Orleans City Park was uploaded by Kim Frusciante to the preschool’s Instagram account, Early Partners.

While strolling with her family through the park’s Sculpture Garden, Frusciante claimed to have spotted the enigmatic swimmer.

“A mysterious, serpent-like creature could be seen in the water when we peered down. It is nothing I have seen before land or sea,” WGNO-TV was told by Frusciante. “It appears that the wonderful people of the Internet believe it to be a genetically altered carp fish that was produced in a lab and released in City Park.”

By the size of the animal, the teacher claimed to be astounded.

“It was quite long. I have a 4-year-old slightly smaller than it and it was weaving on the surface, and a lot of scales, the tail was red and it was swishing around aimlessly hanging out on the surface much longer than a normal fish,” she said.

According to Frusciante, her preschoolers are trying to identify the creature.

“We haven’t encountered anything like this in our books during our studies of sea creatures. I am pretty well convinced that it is the Loch Ness monster of New Orleans,” she said.

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Source: UPI

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