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Security Camera Video Appears to Show NYC Man Kick, Hit Small Dog in Elevator

A Bronx man is accused of repeatedly kicking a small dog inside of his building’s elevator in shocking security camera footage, but the dog’s owner’s boyfriend claims there’s more to the story.

Although the social media video has received thousands of views, Nashan Brown in particular found it challenging to watch. On camera, his partner can be seen kicking his dogs, which belong to him.

“I’m the victim of the situation, I was at work, I didn’t know what was going on, I walked into this,” he told In a personal interview with NBC New York.

Brown is still trying to understand what happened, why it happened, and why the authorities took his dogs.

“Is it clear to you why people are upset? Do you think it appeared to be excessive? Is that the kind of person he is? He’s really not,” Brown said.

The Riverdale resident claimed that while he was at work, his boyfriend was dog-sitting, and one of the dogs escaped while they were out for a walk. The boyfriend stepped into the elevator with the dogs after there was a mad rush to save the dog as the neighbor began screaming.

“Do I get the impression that he meant any of that? No, I don’t sense any sense of regret or present pain from him. Yes,” said Brown. “Yesterday, I cried. I’ll just leave out your life, he said as he questioned me. Simply state that you do not want me present… Social media doesn’t show how sincerely sorry he is, which is what he is.”

The NYPD continues to consider it a crime despite his apparent repentance. While Brown is currently involved in his own legal drama, the boyfriend has been detained and is being prosecuted. He claimed that on Monday, detectives arrived with a warrant and removed all three dogs.

“I wasn’t the individual that you said abused the dogs, you gave me my dogs back and then you come back three days later and take my dogs,” he said.

In addition, Brown asserts that his privacy has been violated and that he is being unfairly judged after the video and his address were posted to social media.

“I don’t have any dogs, and I have no privacy. No one respects me. I’m getting no help from anyone,” said Brown.

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Source: nbcnewyork

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