Security Cameras Proposed at Post Offices Nationwide

Security Cameras Proposed at Post Offices Nationwide After DC Woman’s Shooting

Nearly everywhere in Washington, D.C., there are security cameras., except post offices. Following the shooting of a woman on Monday at a post office in Brentwood, a D.C. lawmaker wants to make them safer.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, a delegate from Washington, D.C., is introducing legislation to pay for the installation of security cameras at each post office in the country.

Norton claimed she floated the idea with the Postal Service after a resident of Washington, D.C., was robbed at a post office last year, but discovered that the project’s budget made it unlikely.

“No security cameras were present to watch the parking lot. In response, USPS stated that it would not be feasible to maintain security cameras at all postal facilities on a financial basis. This bill authorizes appropriations for security cameras at postal facilities,” In a statement, Norton said.

This occurs a day after police detained Southeast D.C. resident and postal worker Davida Johnson, 25, by police., for allegedly shooting a woman during a verbal altercation at the post office on Brentwood Road NE.

She’s accused of assault with a deadly weapon.

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Source: WTOP News

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