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Thermal Camera Reviewed

There are many benefits, so we frequently consider upgrading our thermal camera. Despite the Topdon TC002’s connector for an iPhone, [VoltLog’s] review of it was still fascinating. Even if you don’t use an Android device, there is a rumor that Apple may change its connectors in the future, which would make connecting more challenging. Of course, there will be adapters, and the same camera is also available in USB C form.

Technically, the camera is pretty comparable to other recent models in this price range, and they almost certainly all share the same image sensor. The camera delivers 256 x 192 images.

Software and auxiliary hardware are typically where cameras diverge. The software’s capability to let you adjust the overlay of the real image with the IR image, for instance, impressed [VoltLog]. Although not particularly novel, the implementation was excellent. The packaging particularly impressed him.

The camera isn’t configured to perform PCB inspection, which is primarily what we would want it for, he did mention. This camera appears to be useful, though, for some purposes. However, he did advise that you try the USB C version first unless you are certain that you only want to use it with an iPhone.

There aren’t many surprises in a review like this since most cameras share a similar basic sensor. The ability to compare software, packaging, and lensing between various options is useful, though.

Of course, once you own one of these, calibrating it becomes a different obsession. Try an 8×8 sensor instead of 256×192 if you find it to be too rich.

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Source: hackaday

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