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Smile For The Crime Camera

Are you a New Yorker concerned about crime in the subway system? Are you concerned that a dangerous criminal may attack you and then emerge on the street in a short time?

Don’t worry; the New York Democrats have you covered. No, more cameras, not more police! To be precise, there are security cameras on every subway car. Now, if you are assaulted, we will have the entire incident on camera (and the attacker will be caught on camera hours later).

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul boasted that this would help make the “subways safer for riders,” a bold statement given that the process of fitting more than 6,500 subway cars with cameras won’t be complete until 2024. What New York will do after an assault (or any other crime) is caught on camera on the subway system is the bigger question, though.

Given that the state has installed revolving doors in its jails as criminals with criminal records longer than CVS receipts compete for the title of having the most arrests and being released from jail the fastest in New York (if you’re curious, the current leader has 41 arrests), the answer is probably not much.

Despite the fact that the cameras won’t likely prevent crime or persuade New York Democrats that those who commit crimes in public should be put behind bars, they will benefit one group of people: criminals. After all, if they won’t be imprisoned regardless of what they do, they might as well use the video to create their own highlight reel, just like high school football players do.

So you’re a New Yorker who fears for your safety while using the subway and wants to see attackers of innocent bystanders locked up. While New York cannot guarantee your safety or concur that thugs should be put in jail, at least Fox News will air the video of your assault. It may not be the simplest way to appear on television, but it is something.

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Source: Washington Examiner

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