WA Supermarkets to Install New AI Security Cameras

WA Supermarkets to Install New AI Security Cameras to Combat Rise in Thefts

Due to a rising trend in theft reported by major supermarket brands across Australia, Woolworths is implementing new security camera technology at self-serve checkouts in Western Australia to deter thieves who bypass the scanner.

The technology is being implemented in WA, according to Elisha Moore, the assistant state manager for Woolworths in Washington, after it helped reduce theft at stores in the eastern states.

She claimed that the system in use at the Waikiki store already used a camera to detect improperly scanned items rather than facial recognition technology.

“We are seeing … an increase in retail crime and theft,” On Wednesday, Ms. Moore spoke with Nadia Mitsopoulos, host of ABC Radio Perth.

“Additionally, there is a privacy concern surrounding the pin pads, so all of the technology that would normally be visible from above is actually blacked out.”

The use of artificial intelligence by Australian retailers has drawn criticism in recent months.

The use of facial recognition technology by Bunnings and Kmart is under investigation by Australia’s privacy watchdog, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Coles claimed to have noticed an increase in theft at its supermarkets and to have put in place a number of measures, such as electronic surveillance and CCTV, to catch shoplifters.

According to Rigters IGA’s operations manager in Geraldton, increasing theft was also having an impact on regional areas.

Adult thefts have increased over the last six months, according to Stuart Bain.

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Source: abc

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