Wyze Security Camera Owners Report Seeing Strangers' Camera Feeds

Wyze Security Camera Owners Report Seeing Strangers’ Camera Feeds

Wyze security camera users may have come across a privacy breach because users claim to have been able to view each other’s camera feeds and logs.

September’s post on the Reddit forum r/wyzecam. 8 documents the reactions of users who were able to look into and view events from other peoples’ homes via the company’s web viewer, The Verge reported. Several users claimed that they were also being shown the same home camera feeds.

“Would only seem to be a risk for anyone if you had recently logged into the wyze website to view your cameras,” wrote user Nickoplier. “Your website was accidentally shared with others who were also visiting the same website after being “cached.” If you never visit the Wyze website, you might think there is no chance that caching will expose your cameras unintentionally.”

Wyze confirmed to The Verge that the merged feeds stemmed from “a web caching issue” that only affected desktop users during a 30-minute time period on Sept. 8. Customer service agents assured users on the Reddit thread that the company was working on a quick fix, but many expressed deeper privacy concerns with the home camera system. After last year’s discovery of a security hole that had given hackers access to video storage for three years, the company has already come under fire for its lax security procedures.

“Our dedication to users and the investments we’ve made in security over the past few years are not reflected in this experience. We will take steps to prevent it from happening again while we continue to look into this issue. We’re also working to identify affected users,” a Wyze spokesperson told The Verge.

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Source: mashable

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