iiPhone 15 Pro With Periscope Camera

iPhone 15 Pro With Periscope Camera & Titanium Expected to Entice Buyers

An extremely trustworthy leaker has confirmed the rumors surrounding the Tuesday iPhone 15 Pro launches, including the claims that Apple will use titanium frames and a periscope camera on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Apple will be holding its “Wonderlust” special event on Generally speaking, the company’s 2023 iPhone product line will be unveiled on Tuesday. A Sunday report has reaffirmed some of the more likely things to appear during the presentation, despite the fact that speculation about what Apple will actually unveil is still rife.

Writing in Sunday’s “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, The iPhone 15 Pro models will continue to set themselves apart from the non-Pro models in a number of ways, according to Mark Gurman. Better battery life, faster USB-C data transfer rates, and thinner borders are just a few examples of these features.

The customizable Action Button replacing the mute toggle is one of a few other frequently rumored components that are mentioned in the report. It is also mentioned that using titanium for the frame is one of the measures used to make the Pro models $200 to $300 more expensive than their non-Pro counterparts.

The periscope camera setup will be on the back of the Pro Max model, according to Gurman. The lens configuration will increase the optical zoom range from the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s 3x to roughly 6x.

Gurman interprets Apple’s decision to include the camera in the Pro Max as an indication that it is stepping up its premium strategy.

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Source: appleinsider

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