Security Surveillance Cameras

Advanced Technology In Security Surveillance Cameras Can Help Investigations!

3,200 cars pass through the Forrest Hills neighborhood daily, according to Frank Rhoades. He is aware of this because he resides there and can keep an eye on things thanks to the 13 flock cameras that were installed around his neighborhood two years ago.

“It catches them coming in,” he said.

According to Rhoades, the cameras record the make and tag number of each vehicle that enters the neighborhood.

“It’s no different than driving through a Pike Pass,” Rhoades said.

According to Rhoades, the only distinction is that the driver frequently isn’t aware that their tag number is being kept on file. He claimed that in the two years they’ve had them, the security surveillance cameras have caught hit-and-run drivers and thieves in the act.

According to Rhoades, a TPD officer offered to check the tags on any car that seemed suspicious in his neighborhood.

“We get a screenshot of the car and the tag number, then he will just get on his computer and see if it’s a wanted car,” Rhoades said.

Not just Rhoades’ neighborhood is being monitored by the cameras. Chief Franklin also emphasized earlier this year how crucially the recorded images aided police in various investigations.

“These images have been used on a variety of cases from homicide to robbery to petty larceny,” According to Tulsa Police Department Chief Wendell Franklin.

Security Surveillance Cameras

In fact, it was only this past week that authorities were able to use that method to apprehend the suspect in Okmulgee’s quadruple homicide.

A similar license plate reader system informed police that a passing Toyota Tundra pickup truck had been reported stolen out of Oklahoma, per the arrest report from Daytona Beach Shores Public Safety.

The first of these cameras in Tulsa, according to Rhoades, were set up in his neighborhood. Since then, neighboring communities have also upgraded their security measures.

Source: 2 News Oklahoma KJRH Tulsa

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