How to Use iPhone as FaceTime Camera on Mac

How to Use iPhone as FaceTime Camera on Mac?

The most recent iterations of the macOS operating system let you use your iPhone as a webcam and FaceTime camera, providing a video chat experience with much higher resolution and quality than the built-in cameras on the majority of Mac computers.

To use the iPhone camera on the Mac as your FaceTime camera, you must have iOS 16 or later on the iPhone and macOS Ventura 13 or later on the Mac. Additionally, both devices must be near one another and on the same wi-fi network for this feature to work as intended.

How to Use the iPhone Camera for FaceTime Calls on a Mac?

FaceTime calls on the Mac can easily utilize the high-resolution iPhone camera.

  1. Open the FaceTime app on the Mac
  2. Have the iPhone nearby and oriented in a manner that allows the iPhone rear facing camera to point at you (or whatever you want shown on the FaceTime call)
  3. Pull down the “Video” menu in FaceTime on Mac and under ‘Camera’ choose your iPhone

Since the FaceTime camera switches to the high-resolution iPhone camera and the preview is immediately in higher definition, you should notice the difference right away.

FaceTime calls made from the Mac will now use the iPhone camera, which has a much higher resolution.

These will also show up as available in the Camera section of the Video if you also have other external cameras set up, available, or connected to the Mac.

This feature includes other Mac apps as well, and switching the webcam is easy in every one of them.

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